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Bearded Bards

Written by RiverFang

The deep harmonies of mining songs ring through the tavern like the peel of a hammer on an anvil. The rough words of Dwarvish merge and bring forth the vision of the deep mines of the Great Furnaces, Dwarves digging for the precious ore that is their livelihood. The men sing of deep mines and scarce ores, of underground lakes and days without the sun. When the singing slowly fades away, the tavern erupts into applause, chairs toppling over as many patrons stand to whoop and holler at the figures on the stage.   Across the land of Vóreios, in cities and villages of miners and others, the voices of the Bearded Bards are welcomed with celebration. One of the most famous musical groups on the Northern Continent, their fame extends far beyond the mines of their homeland and the songs that have been passed amongst the denizens of the Dwarven Kingdom for generations. The mining cadences that lead the Dwarves forward in their endeavors in the depths have become a favorite of many alongside the sea shanties of the coasts.   As their fame grew, the Dwarves of the Bearded Bards began to travel, singing their harmonies in taverns and inns wherever they were welcomed. Soon their notoriety grew, and they began performing in front of nobles and royalty of the various kingdoms and empires on the continent. For decades, the group has brought enjoyment to many audiences, bringing the Dwarvish songs to mines across the continent from the Great Furnaces where they originated.

Bearded Bards are the Best Bards

Founding Date
Entertainment, Music band
Alternative Names
Dwarf Quartet
Related Ethnicities

Cover image: Organizations Cover by Landscape via Artbreeder, created by RiverFang


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4 Feb, 2021 00:46

'Bearded Bards are the Best Bards' Yeeeees!   I love the idea of this group. They would be so good to listen to.

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