Island Inquest

Island Inquest


The History of Island Inquest so far

The Island of Inquest was the host of uncountable kingdoms and realms of all sizes and governmental types. Many are truly lost to time after a hero or villain has stated a badly worded wish, some are just forgotten or were replaced in time by others.

One of the most durable and resourceful ones were the North Kingdom (what today is mostly Olivaria) and the South Kingdom (which is now Prosenial and Drusseodia).

Both are named for their location on either side of the large mountain range that splits the island.

Current Species & Cultures

A great variation of cultures and species live mixed on Inquest. All of them stem from the same base and are fittingly called the Human of Inquest, there are distinct groups of course that resemble traditional Orcs, Dwarves and Elves.

Millennia of magic intervention have on top of that, created almost every conceivable variation between them. Life finds a way and so do parents with a strong wish for offspring.

Of note is also that many types of being alive are recognized. If you replaced every single part of your body with magic prosthetics, why wouldn't you still be the same orc? And if you'd be an orc still, why can't timmothy the undead priest at the pub be?

Needs & Relations

There are 4 major groups at work on Inquest.

The common people are the main portion who live, love and work on the island. Most of them want nothing more than to survive and prosper. Some are more driven than others and reach for the stars, become great scientists or wizards.Yet others suffer unending in the sewers and gutters.

With magic at play, the lot of a commoner is never an easy one.

Then there is Nobility that, despite many attempts to remove them, still exist and rule over most of the common people in some way or another. Their first want is people to rule over, to put themselves above others. After that requirement is satiated they lust for power. Almost all schemes and foul plays have occurred at least once on Inquest, but with nobility, guile is never on back-order.

Outside normal bounds are heroes. Most of them are on a journey or quest by their volition or sometimes because of a great blow that was dealt to them. Some were or are powerful like gods, chanhing the island and occupants by their will alone. But most of them are only of local importance, from cleaning the nearby cellar of giant rats to removing a vexatious tax collector.

The common people are wary of them as they tend to suffer the most when things get interesting.

Then there are Heros who drift too far from common understanding or morality or choose from the get go to be villains. As with heroes, a villain can try to bring another doomsday to inquest or just set fire to the nearby church. Some villains are later discovered to be heroes in truth, but the opposite holds as well. The common people are also wary of them, as the difference in villain or heroes lays often in the eye of the observer.

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