Island Inquest

Island Inquest

About Sources and Pictures

Most of my illustrations and artworks are from a German art magazine called Jugend ("Youth") that was published from 1896 until 1940.

It's such an inspiring piece of work, providing a window into the minds of contemporary artists. It contains a wide variety of styles and interpretations, many of which wouldn't even stick out today.

It also (unintentionally) candidly shows the dark sides of the times. Blatant racism and sexism are in stark juxtaposition to poems for and about freedom and of course, not a small amount of naked skin.

However, there are just as many stories about basic human decency and compassion between all ranks of life. It could be that they today resonate more with us, just like the other half might have back then. I can't say.

To me, this world, which is only a generation or two separated from my own, feels in many aspects, just as alien and fantastical as Inquest.

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