Island Inquest

Island Inquest

There are many different sources that touch on specific subjects of Inquest. Here are those that are most important to me:


Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman and Mythos by Steven Fry are probably the biggest inspiration for Inquest as their unique style brings our history back to live in a vivid and interesting way.

I also like to tell my stories this way. Not only concentrating on the big and important stuff, but also to highlight the people and what they had to say about it.


Equally important are the stories of Sir Terry Pratchett, most famously Discworld. I like all of them, especially the Books about the Watch and Tiffany Aching as those resonate most deeply with me.

Runner up for the second place is Moist von Lippwick as those stories cater more to the engineering and perhaps sci-fi oriented me. But Tiffanys Journey is just that much more grand and emotionally compelling.

What all those stories have in common is that they are all telling not only a great overarching story but also take time to explore the characters feelings and situation.


Furthermore, the Martian by Andy Weird caught me so well in its trap that I read it in one sitting, getting a terrible sunburn in Cyprus back when it was released on Kindle.

It's at it's core a Story about Trust, Love, and Empathy. If you ask me.

Mark Wattney trusts in his Abilities, in NASA that they will do anything to get him Home, in the Crew of the Hermes to do the right thing and go back to earth if it means they all will live if all there is to sacrifice is him.

But then the story is turned around on each of these Promises of Trust. Internal Politics endanger the Rescue of Wattney and People step out of line because they can't fathom to let Mark die alone. The Crew of the Hermes mutineers at great personal cost to ensure his return. Mark is brought to the brink of breakdown by things out of his control.

I also want to write stories that ends with people surviving because it wasn't the easy thing to do, it wasn't probably the right thing to do, but they wanted to because of compassion and empathy.

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