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Anna Kylaos (A-nnA Kuel-la-os)

The Anna Kylaos are the largest and heaviest even-toed ungulates on Inquest. They are often used as sturdy mounts in southern Drusseodia, especially in the Provinces of Storwalia and Heartgoing.

Its large size and broad hand-shaped antlers on each side of the males head, allow it to survive in the dangerous and inhospitable hills and dark forests of that area, where it is capable of fending of large predators with ease.


A prominent folk-tale is concerned with how the Anna Kylaos got its large Antlers, which are shaped like two open hands on each side of the male animal's head, and its Name:

As Magic perceived the Anna Kylaos for the first time, it asked: "And you, what is your Name?" to which the Animal answered: "I do not have one. For the Man fears me, the Wolf flees from me, and the Bear leaves when I come to the Pool of Water to quench my thirst. There is no one to bestow a name on me, so I have none."

Magic took note of that, and after a short while answered: "That means you must be Anna Kylaos, the King with Kings." and having stated that, a mighty Crown of Bone grew on the Animal's head.

But as the Bull looked down to the love of his life, he saw her weakened from the birth of their calf and unable to lift her Head because of the Crown's weight.

Seeing this, he swore an oath, to forever free her of this burden and carry her crown for her on his head.

Magic was touched by this and wanted to lessen their burden, so it decreed that, each year when the Calves were expected, the King of Kings was allowed to throw off his crown, and when they had grown enough, all the Anna Kylaos would grow new ones to replace what was lost.


All Anna Kylaos are temperamental and headstrong, no traits that are sought after in work animals, but to the People of Storwalia and Heartgoing, they have become near mythlogical creatures.

No Anna Kylaos had ever had a Master that it hadn't chosen on its own
— Storwalian proverb

When an Anna Kylaos Calf is born, Mothers that recently had their first Child, are encouraged to bring the Newborn to the Animal. When the Calf can stand two hours after Birth, it will start wandering around to give everything a curious sniff and an inquisitive look. If the Calf shows Interest in the Child, its Mother should place it before the Animal, and turn her back to both.

After having whispered the Animal's Name sixteen times, the Mother can turn back around. If the Calf is resting beside the Newborn, it is said that a match has been made by Magic and no one should ever dare to separate them more than twenty paces, or fear the wrath of its companion.

There is only one trade an Anna Kylaos will complete, it's life for that of its master.
— Storwalian proverb

While the Animals are just as mortal as any other on Inquest, their robustness and ability to survive even the greatest wounds is legendary.

There are countless depictions of them coated in arrows and lances, carrying their riders back to receive aid, on ancient vases and wall paintings. The truth being that the animals, due do their size, only succumbed to the wounds after their adrenalin had worn off, at which time, a gravely wounded rider will have long passed on as well.

Despite this, Stories about Anna Kylaos seemingly exchanging their life for that of their owner in accidents or attacks by wild beasts are just as numerous as the animals themselves.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Anna Kylaos is almost exclusively found in the Drusseodian south, in the Provinces Storwalia and Heartgoing.


60 to 70 years
Average Height
2 to 3 meters
Average Weight
Between 170 and 200 kilograms
Average Length
Between 1.6 to almost 3 meters, nose-to-tail

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