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Suitalk: The All-Mother

"Mine father, he'd be happy knowing just how my babies wish to meet their Papa."
  A minor deity of Aelayeron, Suitalk was best known for the numerous children she'd produce across the centuries. As one of the last living members of the nation's Divinity, she was cherished as a link to better days in the distant past. (This article contains major spoilers for Almost Like Love)  


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Calenvo's younger daughter stood as the tallest among the minor divinity, easily twice the size of an average man. She held a fair complexion adorned with numerous freckles across her face and arms. Her hair was quite long, reaching past her thighs and was a rich pink. Although her outfits were known to be on the plainer side of Aelish fashion, her hair was consistently done as a sort of curtain around the iron circlet upon her head which then flowed behind and over her back.   Her Halo came in the form of two antennae-like bands of light which sloped forward before curling back up and opening up akin to the petals of a flower. Her father Calenvo must've picked up on this and may have been the reason Suitalk was affectionately referred to as "Bedbug." Although made of light, they were said to feel solid with a slight elasticity; Suitalk herself noting how they were a target of harassment by her sister.
"...and your Auntie would tug on them very hard. Always by my cradle your Papa would have to shoo her away."   — Suitalk explaining her halo to her children
  Leitmotif/Namesake: "Sweet Talkin' Woman" by The Electric Light Orchestra  
Date of Birth
April 1st, 1372
Secolios, Aelayeron
Wide, with black sclera & horizontal pupils
Long, sleek & pink


  Whereas her sister Daeva Silvetti hid within the countless Humans of Aelayeron, Suitalk was well-known to the public at large for her participation in the nation's Democratic Theocracy. However, Suitalk did not so-much as administrate, but serve as a figurehead with smaller duties such as blessing certain relics brought forth to her or appear in public events on occasion.   Although most regarded Suitalk as soft-spoken, motherly, and generally a warm person to be around, there was also a colder side to her. The All-Mother was still a deity and a deity's time was not something to take for granted; most especially when it came to asking for her favor.  
Heavy lowered to his knees, the metal of his body creaking and scraping with each movement. He braced himself on his forearms and his visor dug into the floor. "Please," he said quietly. "Please do not ask for her, My Lady."
After a brief silence, heels clicked against stone and made their way towards the Steel Man. A familiar feeling seeped into his armor and enveloped his body in a searing pain; a burning that extended to the physical world as smoke flowed from Heavy's clothing. He clenched his fists, but didn't dare look up.
A spellcaster could flare their aura outwards, filling it with hostility to prevent anyone with a lesser will from approaching. An expert Magi could even cause agony on those unshielded or focused upon. Suitalk showed the unassailable disparity between the divine and mortal as her malicious aura was enough to physically burn the surrounding world.
"You suppose me so lowly? As requesting for this thing in mine arms?" Suitalk's words were sharp, cutting through the scorching roar of her soul.
  However, such behaviour was largely an act to verify the intentions of those seeking her aid. In reality, Suitalk was a caring woman; one completely deserving of the title "All-Mother." She was someone who held an intense disgust towards those who sought power for selfish reasons or were otherwise weak or false in their beliefs. Even if you weren't one of her children, that mattered little to her as she sought to care for all the peoples of Aelayeron.  
"'Shasha?'" Heavy tilted his head. "I cannot say I'm familiar with her, My Lady."
"Oh, Chacha is a... Senator now, I believe. I've not seen her in many years. She was so small, you know; much like this one," Suitalk said, looking down at Ink Spot. The infant was busy attempting to gain a mouthful of the woman's index finger. "Charlotte was small, yes; skin of a deep blue and hair woven out of the first snow." Suitalk smiled, her gaze deep into a memory.


  As the youngest of the minor deities of Aelayeron, the daughters of Calenvo had little in their lives before the 1501 War of Roses. Suitalk especially held a life of few events as she was more-or-less raised in peace during the twelve decades proceeding her birth.  

Early Life

  Suitalk was witnessed as, much like her older sister, manifesting from the intertwining life forces of her father and mother, the latter of which was a mortal woman whose identity has remained a closely guarded secret. Unlike Daeva Silvetti, Suitalk was born closer in appearance to any other infant, though much larger and already having a considerable amount of pink hair. Little of this time is known as most who were around then have either passed or left Aelayeron.   The All-Mother's personal account regards her childhood as a happy one, even if she couldn't remember her mother. Much of her time with her father was spent singing and hearing stories of the world below their home atop the High Wall. Although Suitalk herself recounted how often Daeva would harass her growing up, their time together was still something looked back upon fondly it seemed.  

The War of Roses/Soft Defiance

  For almost the entirety of the conflict, Suitalk remained in her father's Grand Archives under the protection of the steel men who remained loyal to the Aelish Divinity. Although the Traitors managed to make it all the way to the main gate, decisive intervention by a number of Loyalists such as Chalk held back the brunt of their forces until the very end of the War.  

The 19th Century

  Suitalk served mostly as a figurehead and kept to a quiet life. Living atop the High Wall over the Secolios Province, she'd spend the days raising her numerous children and occaisionally checking in with matters at the behest of the Aelish government. Although many would make pilgrimage, very few if any were allowed near The All-Mother as her portion of the High Wall was closed off to all but the highest of authorities.  

Notable Relationships

Daeva Silvetti: The daughters of Calenvo weren't known to be on good terms. Although she rarely did so, when Daeva would visit her sister the pair would often come to blows. Daeva's outright hostility to her younger sister was well-known and although their relationship was one-sided for many decades, eventually Suitalk gained the courage to fight back.  
"Please, darling; why must you hurt your sister?"   "No! Sissy bad!"
Calenvo: The Major Deity attempted to raise his daughters after his wife's passing, but his depression from both her loss and Daeva Silvetti's subsequent departure left him broken. With his heart heavy and mind clouded, the Veiled Sage would begin the 1501 War of Roses through Calenvo's death as his emotional state left him open to possession.   However, the years before then were filled with love, Suitalk has said. Calenvo would impart his daughter with the joys of song, the skills of various arts, and an appreciation for the pleasures of life such as flowers or cuisine.
The Asporaso Faith: Suitalk was allowed to raise her children and have them provided for by the Aelayeron's government. Granted, this came at the stipulation of her needing to use her deific status for things such as public appearances to boost the people's morale. On the whole, Suitalk appreciated her life as being provided for and cooperated with the Aelish government.   The commonfolk of Aelayeron loved The All-Mother dearly and would flock to witness her rare occaisions off the High Wall. Objects given her direct blessing such as talismans or buildings held lights mimicking her halo and many were sites of reverence. To those of the Faith, Suitalk was regarded fondly as Divine Advocate of parentage, the home, and the constant reminder of what people of the nation fought for.


  As were the rest of Aelayeron's minor deities, Suitalk held an indefinite lifespan, superhuman physicality, and an innate magical affinity. Additionally, she had a few abilities unique to herself.   Fealty From the Small: Miniscule animals such as birds, insects, or frogs were known to become aggravated if Suitalk was nearby and emotionally upset. Additionally, she could communicate with these creatures so as to keep up with the going-ons of Aelayeron.   Motherly Bond: Suitalk could recognize any of her children no matter if they were far away, had aged considerably, or were disguised by means such as magic.  
Unobservable Generation: Similar to both her sister's and own birth, Suitalk was believed to be able to create life through thoughts alone. However, the All-Mother seemed unable to control this as no-one, not even her, was ever able to see one of her children forming. Without a so much as a sound, one would suddenly find an infant where nothing lay moments prior. Other than appearing nearby, the only correlation between Suitalk's children was that they were all human.  
"...Ah, you see, it was a day like any other: Lady Suitalk was attending to her garden when she discovered a, uh... well, a large and ornate egg made of what looked like brass. Seeing how dirty it was, the fair lady decided to wash it, but after submerging it, the shell broke! And out popped Miss Chel.   And not only that, but both Miss Maya and Miss Isabelle were born right then and there; just as the fair lady looked away to reach for a cloth. The three have been thicker than wool since."   — Caretaker of The All-Mother's estate

The All-Mother's Blessing

  Like other members of her family, Suitalk was able to imbue items or people with permanent magical attributes. Although a considerable strain, Suitalk worked herself towards being able to bless something at least once a year such as a weapon or fountain. The specific property of her blessing caused these things to ward off the effects of physical decay as, with enough time and provided a certain amount of the item remained intact, objects under her power would appear to restore themselves.

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Author's Notes

Special thanks to Hanhula for some darn helpful tips such as "the full-width footer exists." (Y'all should follow her work over at Istralar 'cause it's darn neat)   Also, I don't know if ya know, but I kinda like this character a bit.

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