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Calenvo: Lord of Remembrance

"It took a lifetime to understand: how to love and be loved in turn."
  A major deity of Aelayeron, Calenvo was the youngest of his brothers and lord over Secolios Province (This article contains major spoilers for Shine a Little Love)   In the same way his brothers Heike embodied pride or Qurilius: Lord of Inspiration inspiration, so too was Calenvo associated with an aspect of the positive human psyche. Not merely the part of a person that recalls knowledge, Calenvo represented the act of looking back on the past and growing from its experiences.  


Calenvo stood tall enough to eclipse even buildings. Mortal men rested in his palm like pebbles and even his daughter, largest of the minor divinity, was as a doll to him. Unlike his brothers Enri or Barossa, he held a body plan not dissimilar from most people, yet Calenvo didn't share the organic curves and folds of Qurilius or Heike. He seemed to have been scultped in gleaming metal akin to gold or polished brass.   Numerous swirling engravings could be found throughout the plating of his body. What significance the patterns held were a mystery, but they were said to move the longer one stared. One peculiar trait unique to Calenvo was that his limbs held a small space between one-another; some unknown force otherwise holding his body together. This was most-visible where his arms met his shoulders.

Leitmotif: "I Don't Wanna Go Home" by Klaatu  
Year of Death
1498 AD


"To learn something new; I treasure that feeling. It becomes harder to find in things."
  Calenvo enjoyed the act of learning; to gather knowledge on anything and everything he could. Due to having a perfect memory, the longer time went on the more unbelievably intelligent he became. Mortals would travel from across Aelayeron and sometimes beyond in order to ask even a single question. It got to the point where Beyonla City had to bar access to their deity's Grand Archives, destroying the bridge connecting the public portions of the High Wall to Calenvo's estate.   Similar to his brother Enri, Calenvo was reserved and used only a handful of words when speaking. Though he was said to almost whisper at all times, his voice could be heard by anyone he wanted. This allowed him to communicate even with those who seemed as specks in the distance. Many found him easy to be around and a reassuring presence to speak with.  


  Like his brothers, Calenvo appeared in written record shortly before the establishment of both the High Wall of Aelayeron and the proper founding of the nation as a whole, marked as the year "0" in the calendar. The Asporaso Bible describes him as having dug his way from the rocky soil of what would be his province of Secolios, emerging into a world both beautiful and terrifying as the demonic scourge would follow soon enough.  

The Roaring Silence

  For a thousand years between 100AD to 1100AD the country was united in holding back the near-endless tide of monstrosities throwing themselves upon the High Wall. Calenvo and his steel men would garrison the northern portion just below Enri's section of the High Wall and he would face the second, third, and fifth Arch Demons personally. When Qurilius and Barossa left Aelayeron to seek out the source of the demonic scourge, Calenvo stayed behind and for thirty-five years straight kept a vigilance over the High Wall, expanding his aura over more than two thirds of the structure. However, one day Qurilius and Barossa returned, declaring their mission successful. At last, demons would threaten Humanity no longer. Aelayeron had triumphed.  


  Centuries of peace reigned in Aelayeron; life was good. The divine family slowly expanded with every minor deity born, until Calenvo had his two daughters in the eleventh century. Unlike his brothers, he took on a wife, being a mortal xoti woman. Calenvo was said to never have been happier. But nothing good lasts forever, as with his wife's passing and his eldest child's dissappearance, a melancholy would seep into the lord of Secolios that would ultimately force him to shut out all beyond his walls, even his youngest daughter. Though, this too would eventually pass. Suitalk would be successful in reaching her father and wrest him from sorrow's hold.  
"Our liege had at last returned from the depths of his mind, yes. He was to guide us once more. It was a celebration I cannot say the likes of which I have seen since the birth of Lady Suitalk."
  Calenvo had finally broken free of the depression which had weighed him down for centuries. He had finally come to terms with his the mistakes and hardships of his life; he had finally reclaimed his title as the first Remembrancer. With his daughter at his side, he would shortly announce his return to those of his province and his plans for correcting that which had gone so awry in his absence. For months, things were busy, but more importantly they were good.   But alas, fate would not grant him such joy for long. Even then, unbeknownst to the lord of Secolios and most of Aelayeron, insidious machinations had been long-since working towards the unthinkable. One fateful day, Calenvo had received a visit from a veiled sage whilst his daughter was in Lucenda City and tragedy would follow.

Shine a Little Love

  On the same day Princess Pollyanna was slain in Lucenda, records show that Beyonla was suddenly wiped out in an explosion so large it could be felt across the province; so powerful it left nothing but a melted heap at its epicenter; and so bright it was seen even in the middle of the day. What followed after are multiple accounts of Calenvo lumbering his way towards Tosenza, ignoring all in his path. He didn't seem as himself, some mysterious force compelling him to do nothing but walk.   Weeks later Calenvo would finally reach Tosenza during the midst of a surprise attack by canteen men who proceeded to burn the city of Canponti. Qurilius, who was leading his people away, was met by the eerie sight of what had become of the remembrancer. Calenvo violently threw himself at his brother, attempting to strangle Qurilius, though the latter had always been physically stronger. As Qurilius pried his brother's hands apart, pleading for reason to return, a gateway manifested atop a nearby building where a veiled sage and the bound corpse of Fortune emerged.   Without warning a familiar light erupted from Fortune's body as the veiled sage pointed to the wrestling gods. Qurilius suddenly went limp and Calenvo seemed to snap out of his trance, looking around confused. Before he had time to process where he was or why, Qurilius lunged at him and took hold of his neck. What happened next has been chronicled to no end.  
Until his neck could bear the strain no longer. A violent crack shook the air as Calenvo's head was forced to a sickening, unnatural angle. He wrenched once before his arms fell to his sides. The god hung in his brother's grip, without motion.
But Qurilius did not stop. He wrung his hands even further into his brother's neck, trembling for a moment before driving Calenvo into the ground, the force shaking all along the High Wall. He looked upon his fallen brother, embedded into the stonework of Canponti; lifeless and broken. And he raised his arm.
The Lord of Inspiration leaned back, putting his whole body into the first punch. Calenvo's head crumpled under the weight like a sheet of tin. Wagons and market stalls were smashed beneath the torrent of blood. Qurilius said nothing. He pulled on his brother's chest, ripping a piece off and throwing it to a tower far behind.
On and on it went. Nobody could find the words as the eldest of their gods tore into his brother. Only the steady impacts of Qurilius's attacks were proof that the world had not halted altogether. A torn arm crushed the side of a house; a part of the shoulder embedded itself into the road; the grand waterway had been dyed completely red. And just as it seemed there could be nothing else to harm, Qurilius finally stood, clutching something in his bloodied hands.
It was the same crystalline sphere Qurilius proudly displayed in his open chest: the core which was said to make up the being of a major deity. Calenvo's had remained perfectly intact, glowing a faint blue. The silence had finally broken as those watching cried out, begging against what was to come. Qurilius pressed his arms together and the orb cracked, before shattering all at once into a thousand lightless shards.
"He did not look upon his brother with any malice. It was as if the act required no more thought than one brushing their hands along the flowers. Every corner of Aelayeron; every place where sunlight touched water, could you witness those dark events. With reasons none could say, Calenvo had attacked his brother, and his brother in turn murdered the lord of Secolios.
"Brother would turn on brother. It was something unthinkable to the steel men, yet when it happened we told ourselves it was foolish to believe otherwise: we were mortal after all. To see that same tragedy unfold on our divine masters... It was something new entirely."
— Heavy
  Calenvo and his brothers, along with several of the minor divinity, would be slain during the Soft Defiance. It was a war so short yet so terrible its scars have yet to heal even four-hundred years later. The broken remains of his body can still be found at the outskirts of Canponti City, now a holy site of prayer and mourning.  

Notable Relationships

Daeva Silvetti: Although Calenvo deeply treasured his firstborn, Daeva's animosity towards her younger sister would drive a wedge between father and daughter. Coupled with the strain of losing his wife, the lord of Secolios could only do his best to raise his children and govern his province while a deep ache gnawed at him.   One day, the major deity made to discipline his child, who for the first time struck at her father not with her fists, but with her halo. The backlash, although unintentional, was instant and tore the jaw of little Daeva. With tears in her eyes she wailed and vanished in a burst of light, never to be seen again. Calenvo tried to find her only once, saying he wouldn't do it again for even that act had somehow harmed Daeva.  
"Please, DeeDee. You musn't be this way; not towards your sister."
Suitalk: Calenvo and his youngest were especially close. From the moment she first awoke, Suitalk held nothing but warmth towards her father, and the feeling was returned. When Calenvo locked himself away, no longer able to stand the ache in his soul, Suitalk did her best to fill his shoes as someone Secolios could rely upon; all the while trying to find some way to reach him for she never stopped believing in him.  
"Oh... You are awake, mine baby."
Dunla De'Ridgeway: Calenvo's mortal wife was said to be a scholar from a remote part of Chion, but otherwise hardly anything is known of her. Not where exactly she hailed from, not how she managed to get to the Grand Archives, and certainly not why she even bothered to. It was said she often challenged Calenvo, asking him all sorts of questions such as the sound of a river or why rabbits had long ears.   After an unknown span of time, the two were married and Daeva Silvetti came into being, followed by Suitalk a decade later. Dunla loved her children and although spent decades with them, they had each grown the equivalent of but a few years in that time. She would pass quietly sometime late in the eleventh century.  
"You are my pride; I see you and feel unbridled joy. You are pretty, but more than that you are kind and all the sweet things of the world. I never thought to have you, yet here you sit: more in this moment than I have or ever will be. You are truly a miracle, my DeeDee."


  As one of the major deities of Aelayeron, Calenvo was a being of unfathomable power. In basic usage of aura alone, he was able to wipe out Beyonla City upon possession by the user of Fortune In addition to mastery over the magics used by mortals of the realm, he held a few unique abilities and properties.   Searchlight Vision: Unlike his brothers, Calenvo's sight was physically represented by a cone of light independent of where his glass eyes would realistically have been able to see. Due to it being so faint, even candlelight prevented most people from knowing this trait even existed.   Separating Hands: Calenvo's hands could near-infinitely split apart to eventually become multi-segmented tendrils with which he could interact with the smaller objects of the world. Whether he naturally had this ability or taught it to himself was never known, but given his ability to manifest two additional sets of arms, most historians favor the former explanation. It was said that Calenvo's touch extended to all corners of his Grand Archives such as suspending his youngest daughter's crib beside his face.  

Remembrance Projection

  Owing to his title, Calenvo was able to manifest three-dimensional projections of memories around himself.  
"It is where the snow can be found in the summer. It is where the music still plays after the performance ends. It is where I see your mother and sister, bedbug."
— Calenvo, on the subject of memories

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Author's Notes

" ignore joy while it lasts, in favor of lamenting one's fate, is a great crime."
― Rune, "The Sea of Trolls" by Nancy Farmer

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