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Pollyanna: The Eternally Young

"Hi, mister man~"
"No, Your Grace. Please. Archdeacon, acolyte; even Father Laurence. Anything but 'mister man.'"
"Okay, mister man!"
  A minor deity of Aelayeron, Pollyanna was considered the Divine Advocate of Intrigue: representing the curiosity inherent to Man. Her actions during 1499 Gathering Flowers Event would eventually initiate the Soft Defiance. (This article contains major spoilers for Sunrise Serenade)  


Tall, slender, and with a heart-shaped face as bright as a flower, Pollyanna was regarded as a beauty even amongst the minor divinity. Her sandy complexion complemented her striking black eyes and changing hair color. Most of the time, her hair was said to be a deep brown, but on occaision it would shift to a lighter tone. Atop her head were two great horns, much like those of the markhors found in the mountains of Chion. For whatever reason, they seemed to possess a force which drew her hair upward and apart, accentuating the "Y" shape of her silhouette.   Her most striking feature, even above her horns, eyes or halo were her numerous legs. Wiry, glossy, and utterly inhuman, they closesly resembled those of ants and not only in design. Pollyanna was known to scuttle up and across the walls, ceilings, and even people around her.

Namesake/leitmotif: "POLLYANNA (I BELIEVE IN YOU)" by Catherine Warwick  
Date of Birth
January 19th
1227 AD 1498 AD 271 years old
Place of Death
Lucenda: City on the High Wall
Black with W-shaped pupils
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Warm beige
"Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?
Isn't she precious? Bloomed from the very soil.
I can't believe what I have done, how I've given life to this one.
But isn't she lovely, made from love?"
— Enri, singing about his newborn daughter


  From a young age Pollyanna was loved by all and in turn loved all others. Bubbly as a river and merry as a lark, her presence was enough to make one glad. She could drive you up the wall, yet make you forget with a laugh. In spite of the trouble her exuberence brought, it was difficult to stay angry, for it never was from a place of malice. Pollyanna was innocence incarnate: a girl who found every bit of the world around her wonderful, even if not understanding it completely.   However, it did not mean people were totally complacent around her. Those who dealt with the princess kept the habit of staying out of reach; Pollyanna was known to absentmindedly grab things. This compulsion of hers led to many broken objects and injuries; one of the first encounters Pollyanna had with a member of the Asporaso Church ended with her breaking the nun's fingers.  


  Pollyanna was born in 1227 when her father was evoking foliage from the soil of Chion. Noticing a flower unfamiliar to him, Enri was surprised when the plant would blossom with a fully-formed infant inside. Surprise grew into intrigue, which in turn led to fondness and ultimately love. Enri would name his daughter Pollyanna, claiming it was the sound she'd make in her earliest attempts to speak. The two would spend years in the deep woods of Chion before Enri ultimately left his daughter's care in the hands of the Asporaso Church.  
"She deserves better than I."
— Enri

Sunrise Serenade

The world halted in that moment. Both men and gods stopped in their tracks. The steel man named Pence stood over the edge of the High Wall overlooking the city. In his lance hung the severed head of Pollyanna.
  Pollyanna's death would be the declaration of The Soft Defiance, a war so terrible its effects echo into the modern age. With her power added to his own, the steel man Pence would wreathe himself in a barrier nearly impossible to overcome.  

Notable Relationships

Enri: Pollyanna and her father loved one-another dearly. In the formative years of her infancy, Enri says he created many things for Pollyanna to eat, insects and other hard-shelled animals being her favorite.   Although he was not around too often after handing her to the Asporaso Church, he would nevertheless always appear exactly at high noon every ten years on her birthday for a visit. These visits would often be accompanied by some new species of creature the major deity would create as tribute to his daughter.  
"Daddy! Daddy!"
"Mine sprout. I bring unto you this scorpion; I recall how you enjoyed them."
"Eeeee! Thank you, daddy!"
The Aelish Divinity: The Princess of Flowers was said to get along exceptionally well with her extended family. Ever enthusiastic, no matter the circumstance, Pollyanna was always happy to visit or be visited by her cousins.   Telili, as was in her thoughtful fashion, took special care to check on the well-being of her cousins Pollyanna and Suitalk as they were the youngest of the minor divinity and spent the least time with their respective fathers.  
"Ooh! Sui-sui, you're so tall! When I grow up I want to be a tree, too!"
The Asporaso Church: Across the centuries and over numerous generations, those of the Faith would cater to their princess' every need: feeding, clothing, and educating her. Among the minor divinity, Pollyanna was regarded as the single most stressful child to raise due to her distaste at sitting still. Whether it was playing with the ferocious beasts of the Chionite wilds, touching hazardous materials or climbing atop the High Wall thousands of meters above the ground, Pollyanna gave her mortal caretakers no shortage of spikes in blood pressure.  
"I'm getting too old for this shit."


  As were the rest of Aelayeron's minor deities, Pollyanna held an indefinite lifespan, superhuman physicality, and an innate magical affinity. Additionally, she had abilities unique to herself.   Wilting Voice: At certain times, Pollyanna's voice caused parts of the world around her to "wilt," such as spears drooping downward or pieces of scale-mail to fall off. Whether she was merely talking, shouting with glee or laughing, this ability held no discernible pattern as to its activation.   Clinging Grasp: The minor deity was able to stick to any surface, much like an insect. In her youth, she was known to scuttle all over those she was fond of.  

Writhing Halo

  Pollyanna's halo took the form of a circle draped with several tendrils. Unlike the others of her family, this object seemed to possess a mind of its own, fluttering wherever it pleased in the immediate area. Curiously, it would cause whatever it came into contact with to change orientation.

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