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Senator Charlotte Bozsca

"When your neighbor's hungry you build a bigger table, not a taller fence."
  A member of Aelayeron's House of Senate, Charlotte Bozsca would make a name for herself being not only a female senator, but a blind one at that. Yet unbeknownst to the wider public, the reserved and sophisticated politician was secretly the best-selling author Lady Silk, writer of books with a less-than-reputable quality. (This article contains spoilers for Almost Like Love)  


Charlotte Card.png
"Good morning, Miss Senator Lady. Lookin' like the deep night as always."
  Tall, tan, young, and lovely, the woman from Yilva City was by all means pretty, certainly, but if her natural looks could be deemed only as above average, then it was the way she carried herself which made her turn heads. Often found in bold, almost garish outfits, she dressed without regard to color coordination and instead based her attire on what felt nicest. Moving in a similar fashion, she stepped confidently and made sure to give both a wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk; her voice possessing a warbling and squeaky quality.

Namesake: Boz Scaggs (Singer)
Leitmotifs: "What Can I Say" (Normal) & "Lowdown" (Lady Silk)  
Date of Birth
June 5th
Year of Birth
1833 AD 32 Years old
White, sightless, yet wide and attentive
Long, flowing, and white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Navy blue


  Charlotte may have been born blind, but it's never gotten in the way of her more eccentric qualities. From a young age, she was said to spend hours practicing posing whilst speaking according to her mother. This habit of hers kept into adulthood as those around note Senator Bozsca to move unlike any other person lacking sight; a trait that's gone so far as to make some question if she's faking her condition. Regardless, Charlotte's tendency to strike poses when speaking has spawned both criticism from rivals in the political world but also fans in the wider public.   In the eyes of the public, Charlotte was a strong, outspoken advocate for the common citizen of Aelayeron, and responsible for a number of bills passing such as the Safe Water Act of 1855, ensuring all water publicly available was made free of contaminants. Behind closed doors, however, she was anything but confident, as the crushing weight of the world beared down on Charlotte at all hours of the day. It didn't help that a part of her feelings of inadequecy stemmed from the fact that she would anonymously pen a series of fictional novels called Silk Degrees starring a young captain of a fantastical ship able to sail across the stars in a war spanning entire worlds. Though, it wasn't the ficticious nature of the books which seemed to have caught the public's eye, but the rather risqué subject material regarding many of its characters.  
"Aelayeron's top-selling author 'Lady Silk' is back with another sensual tale of Love and Loss!   Lorelai's life as a city librarian could never prepare her for an encounter with the dashing seafarer known only as 'Mack.' As the New Year approaches, Lorelai has her hands full trying to manage both her job and to keep her younger brother in school.   She doesn't need a further distraction in a handsome man staying across the street awaiting his ship to be repaired. As they meet time and again, Lorelai realizes she wants Mack in her life, despite his hesitance due to a troubled past. Can she convince him a life settling down isn't something to push away?   (Featuring a full interview with Lady Silk herself as she explains five of her tried-and-true Professional Sex Detection techniques!)"   — Publicity Blurb regarding Charlotte's novel Knitting Roughly; Loving Truly


  In 1833, Lady Suitalk would produce a child unlike any she had previously. Charlotte was born lacking sight, something that troubled her mother to no end. Quickly realizing the difficulties such an impairment would bring her daughter, Suitalk went ahead and commissioned an atomheart father to craft a gestalt tailored to assist Charlotte through all stages of her life, especially after the girl would be forced out into the world beyond the All-Mother's estate. This gestalt, choosing the name Gaucho, would quickly bond with Charlotte and soon you couldn't find one without the other.   At some point Charlotte would not only begin her studies of law, but find the time to write the first of her novels in the Silk Degrees series. This story, published on a whim, would eventually grow to be a nation-wide hit as a novel about warriors fighting across the outer limits of a planet was, for lack of a better word, novel. After becoming a full-time politician, Charlotte would pick the surname "Bozsca" as it sounded nice to her, eventually landing in the Senate after years of building up Aelayeron at its lowest points.  

Almost Like Love

  Charlotte is introduced after a visit to her mother, meeting Heavy as the steel man bathes Ink Spot in a public fountain. The two would exchange a few pleasant words before parting ways, Heavy taking the elevator up the High Wall and seeing Charlotte trip into the fountain. Some time later, on the day Lady Suitalk was set to visit the city below, the outlaw High Voltage Varrick would hijack the train containing Charlotte, Rusiko Quest, and Michael Park on their trips across the city.   In the midst of the event, Varrick had chosen to take a hostage. Charlotte, ever bold not only openly rebuked him in front of all those present, but went so far as to slap him square across the face. This, much to her surprise, only excited the outlaw as he thanked her for volunteering to escort him in such a perilous situation. Upon being whisked to the front of the train, Charlotte had no choice but to comply with the demands of Varrick lest he harm any of the other passengers.   However, help would arrive as Rusiko, Mickey, and Heavy made it to the front car of the train and demanded Varrick surrender. And although the outlaw would ultimately not back down, he did accept an exchange in the form of Heavy taking Charlotte's place. An ensuing brawl in the control car would lead to a disaster as the front two cars of the train would separate and crash into the city streets below, though Varrick's plan to use the train to crush Suitalk had ultimately been thwarted.   In the aftermath, Charlotte would find the man she met days prior at the foot of the High Wall and their relationship would grow from there.  

Notable Relationships

Heavy: Charlotte found Heavy not only interesting, but pleasant to be around. Whenever she felt the need to pretend, he'd remind her in his own way that this just wasn't the case. His direct, matter-of-fact way of conduct she felt made him trustworthy and reliable. The more they interacted, the more she realized it wasn't merely a fondness she held for him.   Inversely, Heavy found Charlotte intimidating for these exact same qualities. She didn't mince words, went for the things she wanted, and was quite loud to boot. Still, her strong character was also attractive to the steel man, who gave their relationship his all, even if neither of them quite understood one-another or what they were doing.  
"And to think! Leaping on a speeding train; fighting that nasty crook just to save a gal in distress."
"I did not; I had no way of knowing you were seized until I walked into that room."
Ink Spot: The baby did not like Charlotte by any stretch of the imagination. Loud, warm, and never still; all the things which irritated Ink Spot could be found in Charlotte in spades. The infant made no secret of this as in addition to her signature glare, she made numerous displays of her annoyance.   In spite of the constant disapproval of Ink Spot, Charlotte merely assumed the girl was playing. Even if that wasn't the case, it wouldn't have deterred her from making an effort to bond with what would eventually be her adoptive daughter.  
"Aw, Inky, are you reaching for— Ow-ow-ow!"
Gaucho & Suitalk: As a member of the senate and representing Yilva, Charlotte held the unique perk of being able to visit her mother after having moved out. Although neither could reveal their relationship, even to Suitalk's current children, the knowledge that the other was doing well greatly eased either woman.   Having been with the gestalt for nearly her entire life, Charlotte and Gaucho could understand each other whilst exchanging the bare minimum of communication. It should be noted that Gaucho was how Charlotte was able to author and publish a novel series from such a young age.  
"This is Gaucho~ He's my special little guy~"



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