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— Charlotte Bozsca, seconds before taken as a hostage
  A gestalt assistant, Gaucho was an indispensable part of Charlotte Bozsca's daily life. Not merely a companion, he was literally made for Charlotte as commissioned by her mother, Lady Suitalk. (This article contains spoilers for Almost Like Love)   Unlike any of her children before, Suitalk discovered Charlotte was born without sight. Fearing what would come upon her daughter's departure, Suitalk wasted no time in having the perfect aide crafted. By 1834, Gaucho was presented to Charlotte and the pair were inseparable since.  


As a Model S gestalt, Gaucho was made for independent usage in both of his forms. His default state was humanoid, with short and somewhat crude limbs topped with a spherical head. At the special request of Suitalk, Gaucho could transform into a wheeled chair that her daughter would hopefully grow into.  
"Compact! Sturdy! Affordable! The Model S is the top-of-the-line in terms of domestic gestalt assistance! After more than thirty years, the Model S is still the buyer's choice for quality!"
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Namesake: "Gaucho" (Album by Steely Dan)
Leitmotif: "Time Out of Mind"  
Round glass, usually glowing yellow


  Gaucho was generally reserved, careful to remain within earshot of his charge. He could usually be found staring at something such as the open sky or ducks on a pond. He also had a habit of imitating the physical mannerisms of things he was looking at. To those who understood ASL, Gaucho spoke in full sentences which was uncommon for gestalts.   Though he had few hobbies, one of his more-favored activities was reading, always craving to know about anything and everything.  
"The library's for Gaucho. What he knows could fill a warehouse. Go on; ask him anything about the ocean. He tells me he's been reading about it lately."


In the middle cabin of the train, something outside rattled Charlotte's seat. She raised an ear skyward. "Gaucho… what was that?"
Her assistant hopped off his seat and shuffled towards the window. Almost immediately he ran back to Charlotte and grabbed her hand. His body rang with distressed taps.
"Something's here? No, some one? V… A… R…"
A hot gust pushed against Charlotte from the front of the car. She felt Gaucho jump, dashing to place himself between her and its source. She held onto his shoulder and tensed. Everyone else had gotten quiet.

Almost Like Love

  Gaucho would spend his life acting as Charlotte's eyes. During the events of Almost Like Love, he could be seen following her around and even attempted to save her from High Voltage Varrick. Though the attempt valiant, the little gestalt was thrown from the train hijacked by the outlaw and crashed into the pavement below. He would later show up across the city after all was said and done. Dented and much of what made his alternate mode having been ruined, he was fortunately more-or-less uninjured.  
Charlotte Bozsca: Gaucho had known Charlotte and understood her as the reason for his existence. Greatly protective of her, he would throw himself in the path of danger without a second thought. Though, Charlotte's propensity to stand against the wicked gave him no shortage of anxiety.   Even after being given his freedom, Gaucho chose to stay with Charlotte, as he enjoyed her company. Until his last days he would remain her faithful assistant and friend, helping her with everything from shopping to writing.  
"They're not things. Do you call a baby 'it?'   W-well, you shouldn't."
— Charlotte Bozsca
Lady Suitalk: From the very moment Gaucho was activated, Suitalk would impress upon him the responsibility of caring for her daughter. As far as the minor deity knew, Gaucho was all Charlotte would have once she'd leave her mother's estate. To Suitalk's relief, her daughter and the gestalt got along well, Gaucho easily slipping into his role of guardian.   After a single trial, Suitalk felt assured that Gaucho was all the help Charlotte would ever need.  
"Mine daughter, I would like you to bring her to Yilva's Central Garden. Will you keep her safe, noble Gaucho?   Very well; I shall take your blank staring as a sign of your conviction."


  Transformation & Combination: As a gestalt, Gaucho was able to both transform into an alternate form as well as combine with certain members of his species in that altered state. Often times this would be a more animalistic gestalt linking itself to the back of Gaucho when he was a wheeled chair to provide a boost of speed.  
"New to Gestalt Engineering: MODULAR LINKING   No longer do you have to spend hours trying to figure out if or how your gestalts can combine with one-another. Now all Carter Engineering gestalts built after 1860 have the ability to link to any gestalts of their same class!   Have an older model? Bring it on down to any Carter Engineering dealership and we'll outfit your gestalt with linking slots ABSOLUTELY FREE!"
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Cover image: by Nincho | Ayonerra


Author's Notes

Gestalts have been a long-standing idea for Ikwento, going as far back as technically predating it by three different settings. Unfortunately, the idea never worked out for a few reaons, one of them being that I felt the species of little robots were a bit too similar to other things in my previous works.   However, a recent rewatching of "Transformers: Armada" gave me the idea to make gestalts basically cybertronians. (I always did like mini cons and combiners like Bruticus)

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Adorable! Also the image borders came out so cute, especially the lil hearts c':   Suitalk looking at a ° ° stare as an approval is funny.

Sep 20, 2023 09:42

Thank you very much, Nincho. Hopefully I'll have better borders soon.   I like to imagine Suitalk sending Gaucho on errands off the High Wall to see how he'd do with baby Charlotte.

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Thank you, Nimin. I will admit it's been a challenge designing some of them given their transformative nature.

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