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Ink Spot

"Oh, that's Inky, but don't let her face fool ya: she's a sweetheart."
"Sven, why do you lie?"
  An infant found in Otiga Village, Ink Spot would be adopted by a steel man named Heavy. An encounter with two demons in Tosenza would prompt him and his friend Sven Fernsby to journey to Yilva City. (This article contains major spoilers for Almost Like Love)  


Ink Spot was of average size, but a bit bigger than other infants due to a penchant for staying in place. Like most xoti, her hair grew at a rate noticeably faster than other humans. Her guardian would often style it with two thick braids and brushing the remaining hair behind her ears.   Heavy would describe Ink Spot as ugly, to the constant berating of others. Yet, the steel man remained adamant on this stance, claiming the girl ███ ███████ ████. With a near-constant scowl and equally irritable disposition, it wasn't difficult to see why one would come to agree with this sentiment.

Namesake: The Ink Spots (Band)
Leitmotif: "Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall"  
Assumed to be around eight months old
Narrow and near-always glaring
Sleek, white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Deep blue


  Where other children were rays of sunshine, Ink Spot held a constant irritation towards the world around her. Whether it was the sound of her adoptive mother's voice, the sun on her face, or even the slightest inconvenience of being moved, Ink Spot would fuss and kick at any number of things she found distaste for. However, it inversely took very little to keep her content. Nibbling on her fingers, the music of her guardians, or laying in the cool breeze; these things pacified Ink Spot and although she didn't laugh or smile, a calm look was all the sign one would get to her happiness.  


  Much of Ink Spot's origin remained a mystery. Heavy claimed he found her in a place called Otiga Village, on the northern outskirts of Chion, past its deepwoods. The settlement was empty, yet there were no signs of struggle. But stranger than that, she was hidden away in a basket; sequestered beneath a blanket on a wagon loaded with supplies.  
"There was enough food for three days. I waited until the morning to leave. If anyone meant to return, it would've been too late for [Ink Spot]."
— Heavy

Almost Like Love

  After arriving to Yilva City, Ink Spot was taken to meet with a surviving member of the Divinity: Suitalk. The All-Mother, cold to Heavy after his centuries of desertion from the High Wall, would nonetheless agree to meet with him. And more than that, she would take interest with the infant.  
"Let me hold Ink Spot; it's been years since my girls were born and I miss the feeling of a baby so."
Heavy nodded, handing over the infant. She looked no bigger than a stonefruit in the woman's enormous hand. The All-Mother walked off without a word and her former knight followed, an uncomfortable emptiness in his arms.
The pavilion was featureless, gray stone broken only by a simple throne facing the clearing. Suitalk was already seated and looking over Ink Spot. With her free hand the All-Mother brushed aside white hair, felt pliant ears, and gently tapped a soft nose.
Ink Spot grasped for the woman's finger and was prompt to engulf it. Aside from the wind, it was quiet.
"She's big," Suitalk finally said. "Heavy, are you feeding her solid foods?"
"No, my Lady."
Suitalk chuckled softly. "This one's nibbling on mine finger. She…" Her brow furrowed in thought. "Shasha, she reminds me of Shasha, yes."
This fascination of Suitalk's would reveal itself as a desire to keep Ink Spot, something Heavy could not agree to. Not even to his goddess. However, even as an ancient and skilled magi, he was no more able to stand against her than a mountain falling upon him.
"You suppose me so lowly? As requesting for this thing in mine hand?"
— Suitalk
  Although thankfully, this act by Suitalk was merely that: an act. Simply wanting to test Heavy's intention, his attempt to raise his hand against even a goddess prompted Suitalk to lend her aid by removing a portion of her hair: an item valuable in any number of ways. Heavy would later fashion this hair into a talisman for Ink Spot, warding harm among other things.   Ink Spot would otherwise do little of note throughout Almost Like Love after this point, being absent entirely from the battle with High Voltage Varrick.  

Notable Relationships

Heavy: The steel man found himself to care deeply for the baby he'd found. Where she was, he'd be not too far off, always making sure she was well. In all aspects he only held Ink Spot's best interests in mind, even if he didn't quite understand how exactly to do so. The entire reason Heavy even met his friend Sven Fernsby was in the search for a place to call home.   Heavy was honest in his thoughts about where Ink Spot came from and why she'd been left alone, believing them to be gone, but wanting their daughter to live and be happy.  
"A sacrifice is given worth by the life it spares."
— Heavy, on the subject of Ink Spot's original family
Charlotte Bozsca: By whatever machinations of fate, Ink Spot's adoptive parents would consist of a steel man and a woman who ticked every box of qualities which annoyed the baby to no end. Charlotte was talkative, had an irritating voice, was warm, and incessantly moving. To the blind woman's misfortune, most actions by the developing child would initially be misinterpreted as gestures of affection before immediately veering into hostile.  
"Aw, Inky, are you— GYAH!"
The Yilva City Rollers: Ink Spot was said to be the very reason that Heavy and Sven's journey to Yilva not only happened, but succeeded. Whether it was Kerri Shawlite, or the grandparents of Michael P. Park, people came to trust Heavy (and Sven by extension) upon seeing the genuine care with which the steel man held for the baby. In turn, the group that would form on the way to the All-Mother would come to share this affection and saw Ink Spot as an extension of their own families.  
"Aw. Grumpy little— little— Grumpy baby. Where'd you— Where'd you find her?"
"In a pile of refuse, yes."
"Haha. You're funny."
"He's uh... He ain't jokin', Kerri."


  Suitalk's Talisman: Made from the hair gifted by the All-Mother. This talisman would manifest a barrier of golden light around the wearer whenever a specific phrase was spoken.  
"Grant me strength, so that I may see you again."

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