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The Deep of the Haunted Woods

I'm sorry, there have been reports of seeing your partner entering the Deep of the Haunted Woods...
— A guard to a woman
The deep of the Haunted woods is an area in the Haunted Woods that you should not enter if you value your life. Those who enter do not come back out alive.   All forests are dangerous to enter in this world, however, this area spells certain death. It does not matter if you enter it as a group. Those settlements who live close to the Haunted woods send Guard into the woods to mark out the Deep with regular intervals because the Deep moves and sometimes swallows up the signs.   The general area that the Deep moves in are the center of the woods, it never moves into The Krozs ruins but scholars believe that the Deep might have been the reason for them having become ruins.   The Deep is dangerous partly because any geographical pointers people take when they enter will change. The trees, the bushes, the rocks, everything will move when the visitor is not being cautious. If a visitor thinks that they will be able to make it through because they have used string or a gingerbread crumb trail they are wrong.   There are also terrible creatures hiding in this part of the woods. Not much is known about them since nobody has survived meeting them. People know about them because there have been terrible screams reported coming from those who have entered the Deep on accident. Guards have also seen creatures looking out at them from the edge of the Deep.   Dragons have been trying to find lost people by flying over the Deep, but they have not been able to find anything. For some reason, their infrared vision and their senses don't work on the Deep. They see and sense nothing other than a deep fog covering the area.
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