Paladin; Taria's Order

A Paladin, also known as a Peacekeeper, is one of the elite ranks of Taria's Order. The paladins of taria's order are mighty warriors who protect the people of Atharia, who are also referred to as children of Taria by Taria's Order. Their purpose is to defend the planes of the Alliance from Entropotic Forces which lurk within the shadows of the plane-verse.   The Paladins are heroes to many, as not only do they protect their brother's and sister's from Entropy in faraway lands, but they also guard many streets and roads from bandits and beasts. Even though most paladins are assigned to travel to distant planes, there are some who are stationed at home in Atharia. Many people look up to them, as its the Paladin's duty and honour to keep the peace with the powers of enforcing the law.  


To become a Paladin, one must become a Squire for another Paladin. This is a form of apprenticeship, where the Paladin trains, tutors and mentors the often younger Squire. However, the key difference is the oath a Squire must make to their Peacekeeper. This oath is a vow which must not be broken. Doing so is considered a deeply dishonourable act, and will give them the moniker of an Oathbreaker.  


A Paladin who broke their vow and oath to the Order. Can also be a Squire who broke their vow and oath to their Paladin master. If one is given the name of an Oathbreaker, they are treated like criminals even though they did not break any laws. Oathbreakers are outcasted from society, as they broke a sacred promise not only to the Order or to their brothers and sisters, but Taria herself. As much as many would try to seek such a thing, there is no redemption for an Oathbreaker.
Religious, Military
Form of Address
Peacekeeper, Keeper
Alternative Naming
Peacekeepers of the Order
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