This information is as found in the Research Notes of Quin'Far Trisk's research into Fuzz Monsters.
The cure of this infection is eluding me. The Fade is truly a cold, cruel and dark disease.
— An extract from the Research Notes of Quin'Far Trisk
  The Fade is a progressive disease which can effect any living being. It is a cold, slow illness, which, as of yet, is incurable. There are 3 stages of the Fade with the 3rd one being the most terrifying. This condition is inflicted on its victim after a bite of a Fuzz Monster; a shadow creature who feeds on the souls of the living.   The first stage the victim develops symptoms which gradually worsens as time goes on; like shivering, loss of hair and fatigue being the most common. This then progresses to Stage Two, where the jet black bite mark which a Fuzz Monster leaves begins to grow. The mark, which is commonly known as the Shadow, also moves across the skin to avoid light of any kind. The Shadow envelopes the victim until Stage Three, the Fade; where victims fade away into the shadow, and become a Fuzz Monster themselves. See more about the symptoms and prognosis below.  

Transmission & Causes

It appears the Fade is caused and transmitted by a bite of a Fuzz Monster. Though I am yet to discover if there are other forms of transmission; but it is, as far as I can tell so far, not contagious
This disease is caused by a bite of a dark, shadowy creature, which is commonly know as the Fuzz Monster. It is said, when a Fuzz Monster bites its prey, the victim is infected with this disease which targets one's Soul, directly. At least this is the theory of many priests of Taria's Order.   The bite of the Fuzz Monster doesn't pierce the victim physically, however their skin leaves a dark patch which look like teeth marks. This is because, and this is all just a theory, the Fuzz Monster bites the soul. This is how the Fuzz Monster feeds itself, by draining one's soul of their essence.  


The Fade has 3 stages of infection, with the first progressing to the next until Depending on the severity of the bite, the speed of which the disease increases can be faster than others. There is no cure for the disease, but there are ways to slow down the progression of the disease, which is mentioned in the Treatment section below.  


The Shadow is very peculiar. It's almost as though it's alive.

Stage One Symptoms

Bite Mark
One key symptom is the bite mark which a Fuzz Monster leaves. However, it is often difficult to find these as their size vary. The location of the bite also varies too.
Cold feeling
Many victims claim to feel cold, however they're physically ordinary when temperature is concerned. Their body heat feels normal to touch; yet the victims still feel cold. They also claim they feel increasingly cold each day, until they are shivering and wrapping themselves up in many layers of warm fabrics
Tiredness and having the lack of energy is also a common symptom among those with this infection. This can be from the lack of sleep victim may suffer from, or perhaps from the constant shivering from feeling cold.
Abnormal Hunger
Though uncommon, the victim can suffer a difficult to satisfy hunger. Much like the Fuzz Monster's constant hunger, the victim can feel the need to eat more often. This victim could also not gain any or as much weight as would normally would too.
Hair Loss
Victims also lose their hair. This is not an immediate effect, however this is a key sign of the disease getting close to advancing to Stage Two.
Pale skin
Another the imminent Stage Two indicator, as the Essence of the individual is being drained so much they lose colour in their skin, until they are a ghostly white.

Stage Two Symptoms

The Shadow
The bite mark begins to grow. This is the only Stage Two symptom, because after this stage the victim fades and becomes a Fuzz Monster. The Shadow is peculiar as this dark spot moves across the surface of the body. Clerics and scholars have noticed the Shadow moves to avoid light. When exposed to too much light, the victim begins to form a rash. Almost as though the Shadow is alive, though this is yet to be confirmed (see Research below).

Stage Three Symptoms

The Fade
All Essence is drained from the individual's soul, and now the victim's physical state slips into the shadow of the world and are now transformed into a Fuzz Monster.


The progression of the disease is very difficult to keep control of. I've found that keeping the subject in complete darkness is most effective in slowing the spread; though their mental state can suffer as a consequence.
As there is no cure for this disease there is no way to prevent the progression of the Fade. However to reduce the speed of the spread of the Shadow, the bite mark must be hidden away from light.
Chronic, Acquired


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22 Dec, 2020 22:28

The line about the Fuzz Monster biting their soul rather than their physical form made me shiver. What a horrifying thing, to have no cure.

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