Fuzz Monster

Beware of the shadows. Beware of the dark. Beware of the terror which lurks within.
  The Fuzz Monster is a creature which lives amongst the darkness of shadows. They are sensitive to light, more specifcally light which emits Essence. In fact, Essence harms these creatures and too much exposure can be fatal for these beasts. Travelers must always be wary whilst travelling, as not only Fuzz Monsters are a threat within the wilderness. However, travelers must espeically take caution whilst wondering into darkness. Fuzz Monsters thrive in darkness, particularly darkness filled with Entropy; dark energy of death and decay. If caught off-guard, those who travel in the dark with little to no light can find themselves as prey to these silent beings.  

Living Shadows

Seeing a Fuzz Monster is mostly accomplished for those with the senses todo so. Only those who are able to see in the dark have a greater chance on seeing these creatures. However, those who can see in the dark, struggle seeing in the light.  

Dark Rises

Fuzz Monsters reproduce by consuming every drop of Essence (life energy) of their prey. This results in the being of life becoming a being of death. When a life is void of essence, the life siezes to exist. However, there is what some scholars would call a curse, as when a Fuzz Monster feeds on it's prey, the prey is still living. Entropy take over and this 'life' then begins to feel a never satiated hunger, as they'd be starved of Essence. Thus becoming a Fuzz Monster themselves, who forever seek to feed off the Essence off others.   Many indeed have some respect with these creatures, as there are Scholars who believe it is the Fuzz Monsters who keep the balance between the two forces of nature; Essence and Entropy.


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