Brondak Nightsunder

Stay frosty and treat yourself to a delicious bowl of Sweet Snow!
— Brondak Nightsunder, the owner of the Sir Ayes Cream Parlour
  Brondak Nightsunder is a visionary, entrepreneur and Enchanter. He is the first to discover a way to make a sweet, creamy and cold treat he calls, Sweet Snow.  


Since a young lad, Brondak was always fascinated with Magic. Even though Brondak had never attend an Arcane Acadamy, but he still learned how to enchant items. Though, many may dispute that point, as there are many tales of Brondak failing many experiments.   One time, Brondak was experimenting on magically creating food. He was trying to magically grow Sweetshrooms, which was going well; until one morning he had noticed many of these mushrooms were missing. It turned out these mushrooms sprung to life, as they became sentient creatures. However, these mushroom creatures would terrorise and taument the people of the village where Brondak had conducted his experiments. Many of the mushrooms were captured and exterminated, however it is suspected many had gotten away. For this, Brondak had been thrown into the dungeons for 3 years; though many had hoped he got more.  


Since he had been released, Brondak continued his experiments. One of which, and is seemingly successful, if the magically frozen Sweet Snow. Brondak had opened the Sir Aye Cream Parlour and have been running the business for 4 years.  


Many would argue the Sir Aye Cream Parlour is, yet another, unsuccessful venture by Brondak. Many complain after eating Sweet Snow, they have gotten a headache the next day. Some even claim they were unable to get out of bed the next morning, as they also felt very cold; particularly around their head. This condition became to be called Brainfreeze.   Despite the countless requests, Brondak refuses to let anyone know how his Frost Box enchantment works. This raises suspicion and people have been asking the local lord to do something about this, but something is yet to be done. This then caused for an Enchanter of Taria's Order to create a cure, which the local church supplies, if one devotes themself to the order.


This Dwarf stands at about 4 foot 8 inches (~142cm or ~7 hands) with a stocky, sturdy build. Upon his head, his dark gingery chocolate hair is shaved on the sides and braided which twists and curls down to his lower back.


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