Talija Goldaming

Talija Goldaming

Talija was an unattuned outcast in her magic-focused family. Intent on finding her own success she put in long hours of practice and study, and eventually started the discussion on environmentally ethical magic, balancing the usage of magic with the effects of the ever present Third Law of Magic.   Her perserverence and unique outlook on magical use not only revolutionized the field, but also taught her family an important lesson on acceptance which they still follow to this day. As a result of her example The Goldaming Family is open minded about anyone professing a love of magic, provided they also exhibit a willingness to put in the efforts required to further their chosen field.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Talija is best known for her works on the ethical uses of magic. Prior to her studies those versed in the magical arts would freely use their magic in whatever ways they desired, with no thoughts to the Three Laws of Magic.   The Third Law of Magic states that those exposed to the magical fields are changed by them. This had been known anecdotally previously but Talija performed meticulous experiments to determine the full effects of different kinds of magical fields on various plant and non-sentient animal species, and how much exposure was required to reach certain stages of those transformations.   Results in hand, Talija released her findings and began campaigning for a more conservation-oriented approach to the use of magic, utilizing non-magical methods where possible to limit magical exposure for nearby creatures of all types. Ironically, the resultant renown of the magically-challenged Talija Goldaming was a major factor in the success of The Goldaming Family's negotiations several decades later to form their own country of Arcana, which thrives to this day.

Personality Characteristics


While gifted with a sharp intellect and her family's standard fascination with magic and its uses, Talija was unfortunately not naturally attuned to the magical fields of Fillimet. While this was generally viewed as a disability within her Imperium-obsessed family Talija refused to allow this fact to stop her from achieving her dreams as a renowned expert in the arcane.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Talija had a quick mind, but no attunement to magic whatsoever. Thoughts and ideas came easy, but applying those ideas magically required great efforts.

Virtues & Personality perks

Talija was persistent and driven, intent on putting in the effort to achieve her dreams. She also understood the need to be patient with herself, recognizing that setbacks provide important information and that some problems can only be solved after putting them down for a while.

Personality Quirks

Talija had a tendency to play practical jokes on friends and family. She frequently claimed her best work was accomplished after taking prank breaks.


When her research was progressing well Talija would frequently lose track of time, sometimes spending days in her studies. These hyper productive periods would only end once she hit a problem she couldn't solve quickly, at which point she would retire to rest and focus on her own self care until she found her breakthrough. When working on large projects, especially out in the field, these cycles would repeat frequently with several days working non-stop with no self care whatsoever followed by several days of appearing not to work at all before cycling back to work again.
Biological Sex
Quotes & Catchphrases
Sometimes taking a step back is the best way to move forward.
Aligned Organization

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