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Rol'nara Funeral Celebration

The Rol'nara Funeral Celebration centers around the individual's value and impact on the community around them, and their continuing legacy after their death. It begins with a parade where participants mute their colors and those of their Portal Horses to show the effects of the loss of their friend upon the world, before ending with a joyful multi-day feast to demonstrate the strength of the deceased's legacy through the others they have touched throughout their life.


Shortly after death the deceased's remaining household members will submit the body to cremation, then publicly announce their funeral celebration to allow members of the community to prepare for the event.   The celebration itself begins with a parade. Celebrants will usually wear a plain brown travel cloak to cover their own Portal Travel markings for the duration of the parade. They cover their Portal Horses with a specially prepared mud termed Remembrance before riding behind the deceased's unmuddied portal horse on a lengthy parade through areas of importance to the departed. Sometimes the unmuddied horse will lead the parade devoid of a rider, while other times someone dear to the departed such as a spouse or child or close friend will drive the horse through the parade route.   Throughout the parade participants will sing songs, typically those of importance to the deceased although they could also be songs which remind the celebrants of the departed. Instruments may also be included in the parade provided they can be played on horseback. Once a song is complete anyone can begin singing another, and therefore large funeral parades tend to include several songs being sung at once.   The parade usually ends at the home of the deceased, although for especially large funeral celebrations the family will instead select a nearby location to host the feasting. Guests will remove their travel cloaks and wash any Remembrance from themselves and their portal horses to display the vibrant colors so central to the Rol'nara lifestyle. Celebrants gather for the scattering ritual where the remainder of their departed friend's ashes are spread on the winds, usually with the aid of Anemancy, to allow their song to continue to spread their influence across the world.   The celebration concludes with a feast prepared using ingredients provided by all in attendance. These feasts last until the food runs out, which could take several days if the deceased was well-loved. Guests spend the time mingling, sharing stories and memories of their time with the departed, and groups break out into song with regular occurrence. Celebrants will also frequently depart and return throughout the festivities for longer feasts, depending upon their prior commitments.

Components and tools

Portal Horses are a large part of Rol'nara society and play a center role in funerals just as they do in life. They feature prominently in the funerary parade, with the deceased's horses (or those owned by the closest family member or friend, if the deceased did jot own any themselves) leading the parade.   Remembrance is a specially prepared mud mixture containing dirt from various locations of importance to the departed, water from their home, and a pinch of their ashes. Guests will frequently also provide dirt from their own homes for the Remembrance as an act of communion with their departed friend. This is spread on the portal horses of all other attendees as a sign of respect for the deceased.   Attendees will often wear a loose brown travel cloak draped across themselves to cover their own Portal Travel colorations, although they too may opt to use Remembrance.   Communally-prepared food is also a staple for funerary celebrations, with each attendee providing at least one ingredient. The post-parade celebration will last as long as the food, sometimes for days for particularly beloved community members.


Rol'nara funerary celebrations, like most things in Rol'na, are a community affair. Immediate family and close friends typically organize the festivities, which are open to anyone who wishes to pay honor to the deceased. Frequently attendees include extended family, local community members and leaders, friends, colleagues, and admirers.


An individual's funeral celebration is typically held several days after their death, although occasionally some families will delay the celebration or even hold multiple celebrations if required to ensure all close friends of the deceased can attend. Rol'nara cremate their dead quickly in a small ceremony witnessed only by members of the deceased's household, allowing them flexibility when scheduling the full celebration.
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Remembrance is a specially formulated mud used only during Rol'nara Funeral Celebrations and is specially mixed by the family of the deceased prior to the parade celebration, usually with assistance from other guests.

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