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Remembrance is a specially formulated mud used only during Rol'nara Funeral Celebrations and is specially mixed by the family of the deceased prior to the parade celebration, usually with assistance from other guests.   The mud contains dirt and soil from an assortment of locations which held significance to the deceased. Water is added from the departed individual's home, and finally a pinch of the deceased's own cremated ashes. Celebrants also frequently bring a sample of dirt from their own homes to add into the mix as an act of communion with the deceased.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Celebrants at funeral parades coat their Portal Horses and sometimes even themselves with Remembrance prior to the parade. It is not necessary to completely coat an individual's skin with the special mud, merely to dull the colorations of any visible Portal Marks.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Remembrance is used during Rol'nara Funeral Celebrations to cover the Portal Travel markings on Portal Horses and sometimes even the participants themselves. It serves as a symbol of the colors lost at the passing of the deceased individual, as well as a sign of solidarity with the other mourners in attendance.

Environmental Impact

Rol'nara are careful not to take too much dirt from any one location when preparing the Remembrance, particularly for popular individuals whose significant locations are shared with a great many individuals. Due to this collective respect for shared cultural locations popular sites such as the House of Flowers no longer develop "Remembrance Holes" from mass removals of dirt.
Remembrance is seen in different shades of brown depending upon the dirts used and remaining water quantity.
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