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Rol'nish is the personal language of the Rol'nara, spoken in the private towns and villages of Rol'na away from the visiting travelers of The Portal Exchange. The language itself is composed largely of words similar to those from other languages but with a personal spin on usage or pronunciation.   The Rol'nara are welcoming but private people, and their language reflects this with its colorful sayings, friendly and warm pronunciations, and its large assortment of borrowed vocabularies.   Their unique idyoms meanwhile provide glimpses into Rol'nara culture and values. Many focus on their communal spirit, love of colors, or the Three Songs beliefs in the balance between change, permanence, and emotion.

Geographical Distribution

Rol'nish is spoken only by the Rol'nara, and as a result is reserved for use across the plane of Rol'na. While it can occasionally be heard around The Portal Exchange both within Rol'na and even on the opposite side of the portals it is not known by many outsiders due to the private nature of the Rol'nara within their own plane.


1 Words.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
making soup
requesting assistance from the community to fulfill a task or solve a problem, "He is making soup about taking care of his sick mother."
painted gray
a sign of respect and honor towards another, "I am painted gray in your presence."
painted the horse
put a lot of effort into a successful endeavor, "You really painted the horse when planning this celebration."
planting Giftwood
a lost cause, "I was planting Giftwood, believing your lies again."
the permanence of change
an acknowledgement that change and permanence frequently go hand in hand, and a nod to the Three Songs, "She'll be an adult soon, but that's the permanence of change. She'll still be my little girl."

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