The Major Nobility (Noble Houses)

The Major Nobility is an organization in the The Estoyan Government made up of 13 major houses and 43 minor house. The major houses each have a district under the same name as the house and The minor houses preside over sub districts and other districts owned by a major house, who appoints a minor house to preside over it in order to not spread their resources too thin.
The Major Nobility is represented by the heads of each noble house. These houses, along with the royal house, supply the nation with income along to ensure civil projects and expansion can be completed. Each house receives marks of merit from the judges and those marks determine how powerful their voice is. The major houses convene routinely to establish contracts with prospects and establish projects throughout Estoya.

The major nobility were around even as the nation was just forming. The houses change but their role has not. At the start, the nobles were feudal lords who warred with one another for many years. The lords often came from all over the world and settled in Estoya. After the fall of the Harrow Dynasty, The nobility and the newly appointed Roux Dynasty wanted to greatly lower the monarch's power, leading to a complete restructure of the government.
There are three forms of contracts that the houses write up.
  • Social contracts: Social contracts include changes in taxes, petitions to laws, and establishment of minor nobles and businesses.
  • Civil contracts: Civil contracts are designed to build infrastructure and expand territories. Building projects such as the Yithwitch aqueducts and sewage system started as civil contracts.
  • Noble contracts: Noble contracts are exclusive to government officials. Disputes and declarations of war between houses which are rare are a form of noble contract. Noble contracts also include raising the status of a family to nobility.

Relationships with other branches of government
  • The royal house: The houses serve as a check in power to the ruling monarch. They have the ability to overrule any law or decision made by the monarchy. This happens rarely and the only way this can happen is under 75% vote for overruling the law. The true power of the royal houses is their ability to overthrow the ruling monarchy on a 100% vote. Should this occur the house guards along with the judges will dethrone the monarchy and the next ruler will be chosen by the major and minor nobles.
  • The minor nobility: The major nobility looks to the minor nobility to sort out fine details of civil contracts such as who is commissioned to build what and to get extra funding for projects.
  • The judges Of law and merit: The major nobility look to the judges to enforce law and order and determine merits for the houses. The judges also act as representatives of both the major and minor nobility during the creation process of all contracts.

Public Agenda

The organization handles matters dealing with Estoya's infrastructure and economy on a larger scale than that of the minor nobility. While the The Minor Nobility assist in funding and establish contracts to complete projects it is the major nobility who define and draw up those projects and contracts as well as providing the majority of the funding.


Each major house possesses a family estate located in their respective districts. Some have more for example House Roux who possesses an estate in the roux district and the royal estate in Rouxsgate.
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Alternative Names
The Great Houses
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