The Minor Nobility


The structure of the minor nobility is dependent on the district and ruling house of the member in question. This section of the government checks and balances the power of the major nobility often putting their money into civil projects and the like to better the lives of all. While these contributions are meager compared to that of the houses it gives them collective power over how things are handled and more power goes to those who dedicate the highest percentage.

Public Agenda

The minor nobility primary goal and purpose is to ensure the projects and taxation established by the the royal house and major nobility are reasonable and attempt to make them so with their own investments. They also act as a buffer if projects don't raise enough and those in the guild want it to pass.


Collectively the minor nobility contains the most wealth in Estoya being comprised of all merchant guilds. The merchant guilds are too varied to list but anyone who practices a trade and co-owns land is also likely in a guild
Alternative Names
The Merchants Guild
Head of Government
Parent Organization
Subsidiary Organizations


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