House Roux

The House of Monarchs

A man in his late twenties stands up from his golden throne. His clothing was black and gold, and fit his toned frame perfectly. The torch fire lit his piercing green eyes as he turned to his wife, Queen Lucia Roux. The woman's ornate jacket, fashioned in the red and black colors of their houses and in the golden hue of their kingdom, flowed as she lovingly handed him his cane. One could see the relief on his face as he shifted his weight onto it.
The cane, forged of steel and silver, was detailed in ruby and onyx. It held its king on high as he kissed his wife in thanks. The whispers and chattering of the court ceased in an instant as he stepped forward, his footsteps ringing out in the silent hall. He pondered the decision a final time, stroking his beard, styled to match his chiseled square jaw. He turned about seemingly making eye contact with all who gazed upon him. Some turned away out of intimidation, others met his gaze out of respect. Finally, he stroked his shaggy brown hair and spoke in a gravelly voice.
"The Estoyan expeditions," he began, "Have been long standing tradition of our great nation."
His words were annotated by his gift of body language, each movement of the hand and raising of the chin meant to enunciate his words with grace. Not one movement was unplanned, not one turn taken out of time as he addressed the nobles of his kingdom.
"Thirteen have come and gone over the course of centuries, all with varied degrees of success. Who would I be, this king without an heir, a man without a legacy, if I were not to seek out the answer to the riddle that has been ailing the minds of our greatest scholars?"
The lords were obviously unsettled. Decades have passed since the last expedition, Ares, and it met a cruel fate soon after its departure. The expense alone, alienated many nobles from the Roux dynasty.
"My lords..." he spoke, his voice elevated as it to calm a child. "My ladies..." He paused and smiled.
"Worry not for your inheritance, I beg of you. These are troubled times. Our world is dying...reality is dying. Our gods have all but abandoned us."
He winced in pain, the pressure on his leg taking its toll. His face twisted in anger. "Do you expect me," he continued, placing his free hand over his chest with force as if to beat the words out. "Me." he screamed, "to sit aside and watch existence itself burn to ashes around me? Do you expect me to allow you to walk out of my court without paying your dues to this noble cause?"
What began as cries of offense where quickly silenced as the king exclaimed again.
"No." He then paused and recomposed himself. He pointed at one of the lords, a thin man with a round face and short black hair.
"House Maldover, was it not my father who pulled you from the pit of poverty?" His finger pointed at another lord.
"House Hernim, My grandfather was the one who bestowed to you your lands and titles. Not one of you are without debts. I have reigned this great land for twenty years, and not once, even as a boy, had I ever asked a single favor from you."
He looked down at his leg and quickly glanced back up to address the looks of the nobles. What was once the look of offense, now turned to acceptance.
"Please my lords and ladies. I don't have much time left. Allow a dying king his wish before tearing his kingdom apart. Be not like vultures...not yet. Be the saviors of this world with me, and in doing what the gods like gods yourselves. We could bask in the glory even if for only a moment..."
The queen looked upon him with love, and pride, but also with dread at the realization of the fate that was to come. The king limped his way back to his throne. He let his words sink in. He turned and saw Simon. He was beaming with pride and at that moment, he said his closing words, "I know I would...."
— Tammer Roux

House Roux (Pronounced Row) has ruled Estoya for many generations. The Rouxs started out as refugees from Ozlith many years before the fall of the empire. They arrived in Estoya seeking asylum and a chance encounter brought them to nobility. As time passed by they soared up the social ladder until they gained the throne. This status did not come without a price. The Rouxs are a cursed family, destined to fade into the annals of history no matter how great their accomplishments.
by Joan Kimjosh

A Humble Origin

The Rouxs were a small family of 6 that left Ozlith for reasons even they do not know. They were soldiers, as most in Ozlith were. They traveled north in search of a rumored nation and upon finding it, gained their nobility quite by accident.
The Rouxs knew little of the nation itself and approached a hunting party they saw in the woodlands to the south of what would be called Rouxsgate. The hunting party itself was rather large, and it was only after some time that The Rouxs learned just who led the group. The leader was none other than the king of the very nation they had entered. the king found their clothing and language intriguing. After many attempts at conversation, both parties grew frustrated. The king had been searching for a sixteen point buck for days, and offered them a substantial reward for information. They misunderstood of course, but fate did not.
The offer did not go unheard as the deer in question stampeded from the thick woodland around them. It charged at the king who could do no more than widen his eyes in fear of his imminent death.
The Rouxs were soldiers, honed into weapons of a dying empire. They surrounded the king, the head of the house, knocking him to the ground as to ensure his safety. They fought as if they were a single unit, able to relay and carry out their tactics almost instantly. The deer was down in moments. The king, his heart pounding, was given a spear by the Rouxs to finish the beast and did so, gazing at them in wonder. The event brought two new laws to the monarchy. The first was that no buck with 12 or more points may be hunted in the nations, a law that still holds to this day. The second law was that the Rouxs be given lands and titles that would befit a family of such skill for the word roux is the Ozlithian word for noble after all. This second law would seal the fate of both houses, though of course they did not know it.   The names of the original six members have been lost to time. In fact the house didn't start keeping its own records for almost 300 years after they became nobles. This is due to the fact that history wasn't recorded much during this time period. The Rouxs were quiet among the nobility. The other houses left them to themselves and they chose not to rock the boat, serving their various kings and queens until the birth of the first true head of House Roux to be remembered: Larius Roux. Larius was outspoken like many Rouxs after him would be. He despised the monarchy openly until the birth of his own Heirs. The Rouxs quickly became known for their valiant and noble efforts to help improve the lives of the peasantry. Other houses followed suit, including the royal house of the time: House Harrow. While they were adored by most of the nobility, the kings and queens of the Harrow Dyanasty quickly began to despise the influence they had gained. Many small skirmishes among the nobles who hated them just as much led to the Rouxs gaining an enormous amount of land. This would lead to a power struggle that became a very speedy revolution that would put the Rouxs on the throne and curse the family forever.
by Elisavet Theodosiou

The Harrow Overthrow

The Harrow dynasty ruled the nation since it began. Almost 10 generations ruled over Estoya before the overthrow. Minerva Harrow was the last. Regarded as a deeply disturbed child, the 17-year-old's reign was troubled from the start. Her lack of knowledge pertaining to her people and her nation led to famines, and her prejudice against all non-humans, particularly The Tablin , made the situation much worse. Tablin were butchered and mutilated then hung from trees on the royal estate. The queen's debauched habits were insatiable, often resorting to deplorable acts to satisfy her desires.
The final straw came when a dear friend to the heirs of House Roux was executed for no specified reason. The young heir and her brother sought the aid of several organizations to begin a revolution. Nobles were anxious to join the cause, but organizations, among the people were eager for such an opportunity.

The Doves, headed by Florence Wright, began a series of assassinations and sabotaged the queen's military force. The queen began to suspect a noble house was behind it and began to eliminate known enemies. By this point, many nobles had joined the cause until a betrayal revealed the heirs involvement.
  The siblings were caught and their father, Angus Roux rode to the capital. He demanded his children be returned and when the queen refused, he then challenged her right to rule. The queen was willing to put her lands and titles on the line if he could win a fight with her champion, one of her own family who was younger faster and stronger than Angus. Angus suspected foul play and soon met Florence Wright, who suspected the queen and wished for Angus to win. The two concocted a plan in the coming weeks eventually building a relationship with one another. On the day of the fight, Minerva hired an assassin to kill the two heirs to House Roux and to cut Angus with a specific arcane poison that would ail his family to this day.
The assassin succeeded, but was subdued and killed by Florence and the doves. The fight lasted hours despite the poison. It was then that Florence would cement herself in history. She used her recipe of The Harlots Kiss to shoot a small sliver of metal into the queen's chest. Angus used the distraction to strike a final blow and took his place as king with Wright at his side. The loss of his children hit him hard, but in the coming years before his death, he fathered an heir that would continue the Roux dynasty to this day.

Equality Is Our Virtue

by Michael C. Hayes

The Roux Curse

The curse is a matter of debate among scholars and mages. They don't know its origin, whether its magical or mundane, and they can't even tell how it affects the body the way it does. The curse begins with infertility, fatigue, and even various mental effects such as depressed moods and manic outbursts. As the condition progresses, the bones and muscles start to eat away. Usually it begins in an isolated area of the body. In the years before death, the skin begins to suffer necrosis and the victim is left to die in agony.

House Gray

During the Reign of Tamera Roux, House Gray journeyed from the land of Cordais and came to Estoya seeking asylum. Tamera knew well of her own family's journey, and welcomed them with open arms. The members of both houses have been close ever since. When Simon took over, He carefully taught and guided Tammer Roux since he was a boy.

Criminal Ties

The connection to the The Doves of Black and White has always given the Rouxs a bit of a black mark in their spotless record. Florence Wright never really gave up her life of crime, and in the present day, The Doves have become a fundamental force of social and political power. They routinely smuggle stolen goods to fences in Calhurst who sell the goods back to the owners. The system keeps money flowing in and out of the prison and ensures the city gets to eat.
by Martin Holmberg

Patrons of the Arts

It was Jessup, who founded the bardic university, and he routinely commissioned works to adorn the Roux estate from the bards who study there. This trait has become quite common with the Rouxs. Many other nobles have followed suit and it is due to this that the arts are treated with such admiration in Estoya.

Relationships With The People

House Roux has never lost favor with the people. The people seem to never forget the many accomplishments the Rouxs have made on their behalf. The minor nobility has been just as fond of the family. The bards of The Bardic University of Estoya often embellish the family in their stories. The major nobles on the other hand, are much harder to please.

Realtionships With The Nobility

The major nobles, which consists of the noble houses in the nation, have a cautious approach when dealing with Tammer. The Rouxs are known for their passion and often resort to dramatic displays and theatrical speeches. Many claim this is due to their condition, but it could be that it just runs in the family. The nobles see the pursuit of aiding the people as a fine cause, but it's their money that's on the line. The nobles have of late proven very difficult to sway. It took Tammer 10 times to actually persuade them to finance Expedition Demeter.
Political, Family
by Myself
by inawong87
by theDurrrrian

The Roux Dynasty

The Rouxs were cursed from that day on. Few members lived past the age of 27 and even fewer had successfully sired heirs. It is a very painful way to die. The Rouxs persevered, however, constantly pushing themselves to success. The dynasty lasts to this day With Tammer Roux, who is the 7th king in the dynasty. Angus and Florence ruled for about 20 years before the curse killed Angus. He established the The Tablin and the Greenskins as equals in society. He financed the first expedition, Expedition Juno, which led to the founding of The Estoyan Pathfinders. His son, Bertrand Roux, who began showing signs of the curse himself, had already married and sired two children by the point of Angus' death. Bertrand's Sister Lameta Roux was not so fortunate and died at the age of 8. Florence ruled the nation for a short time as Bertrand settled his affairs.

It was Bertrand, who completely rebuilt Estoyas government. The loss of his father, sister, and soon after his coronation, his mother stirred him to take power away from the monarchs and establish a system that has held strong. The new system of government was an experiment. The concept of a Meriticratic Monarchy was quite strange. He established The Major Nobility (Noble Houses) and The Minor Nobility along with The Judges of Law and Merit. These branches kept both the monarch and the nobles in check. Bertrand financed two other expeditions: Expedition Hermes and Expedition Artio, both having discovered numerous resources and The Ruins of Waiversea.
His two sons would take the throne together. The twin kings, Thirem and Jessop Roux, ruled side by side, even alternating days that one would rule and the other would take the day off. It was Thirem however, who would sire an heir as Jessop had been declared infertile.
The brothers died at the age of 25 and 26. The curse took them both, but not before funding two expeditions. Expedition Odin and Expedition Jupiter. They are widely considered failures, though they did discover the The provinces of Mhirriah and The Black March respectively. Thirem's daughter Tamera had two children who died before the age of ten. It wouldn't be till her thirties that she would have a surviving heir. She did much to improve the trade and wealth of Estoya. She would finance several expeditions as well. Her son was born soon after.

Aiden Roux was a well respected king. He financed 5 expeditions, expanded the nation's borders, established equality and gave the judges their three codes of law. Aiden is widely regarded as one of the greatest kings Estoya ever had. This leads us to the current king. Tammer Roux married well, and still has no heir. He does, however, boast many accomplishments. He fought a war with Mhirriah and worked for the current treaty with the nation. He constructed a massive aqueduct that stems from Brooke and runs throughout all of Yithwitch and Rouxsgate. While these and several other accomplishments gained respect, he never quite had the ear of the nobility like his father did. Gaining funding for Expedition Demeter was difficult and it is clear the nobles of the nation can tell his condition worsens almost daily. His most recent accomplishment would be the building of The Calhurst Prison Colony which caused a massive drop in crime across the nation.

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Author's Notes

So the Rouxs have been something ive wanted to finish for a while. Im still unsure if im done completely however. ask questions if you have them and point out any errors i missed. Fun fact, their origin with the stag is loosely based on a very similar story from history. The legend of a scottish clan and King Alexander III

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