Ozolithian Axioms

The first mage swung out at her, conjuring a series of flames that bounced of her armor. She casually swiped the poleax to the side and the black blade connected with his side. She felt the skin and muscle give way and with a scream, the mage fell to the ground twitching and whimpering. Two more assailed her tossing cones of flame at her. She felt the heat. They were attempting to cook her alive. She raised her hand, flat and with her palm out as if to tell them to stop and the flames dispersed. The mages attempted to reset their spells. They attempted everything they knew only to find that their magic was gone. She took a step forward and screamed out the words. The words of power that filled her with a serene rage. She felt her muscles contract and grow stronger. Her eyes could see further, her ears could hear things no human could ever hear, and as she screamed the words these effects grew tenfold. "Tien cafide xialande!" The poleax swung in a wide arc and cleaved them both to writhing heaps on the ground with tremendous force.

Ozolithian axioms are a strange form of Arcana vox . If an individual speaks a particular phrase that has personal significance to the speaker, and the speaker fuels it with enough emotion as well as knows the meaning of the words, the speaker is given unique power by the words. Using the axioms requires little arcane knowledge or power, unlike other forms of arcana vox. The power varies from phrase to phrase but it is a useful tool to those who know how to use it. Few people know the information needed and most of them are Mhirrians. However, The Judges of Law and Merit use it to great effect, and wandering travelers have learned it from Mhirrians they have met.


Ozolithian Axioms vary in effect depending on what the person says and the intended meaning of those words. The phrase in the vignette for example "Tien Cafide Xialande" means "I am law. I am order. You will know my wrath." Using this axiom heightens the senses and makes one incredibly strong and resilient.


The Ozolithian Language is strange in that it inherently has arcane properties. Many suspect that Ozlith is where runes initially were developed for this reason. The words have power, the emotion behind them has power, and what the speaker understands about their meaning is just as important. While many would think the axioms are a form of arcana vox, this is not entirely the case. One must have training for the arcane genre to use arcana vox. Axioms work if the intention and emotion fit the statement meaning anyone can use it.


The Mhirrians have known about the axioms for ages, but never revealed that information until the first Mhirrian judge. The judges were given these axioms as a gift. Many chiefs offer axioms in exchange for services as well.

Related Discipline
Effect Duration
Generally the effects last as long as the thought or need for the effect last.
Axioms can only effect the speaker or those who the speaker addresses.
Applied Restriction
Not every axiom has the same effect for everyone. The example in the vignette really won't work for just anyone. It works because she is a judge of the law. Being a judge of law, she has a deeper connection to the axiom. A personal connection to the words is required to use them. It is not uncommon for people to be given an axiom and not be able to use it. Another requirement is a deep understanding of the meaning of the words said. You must know the direct translation and the intended meaning in context.


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