Expedition Hermes

With Expedition Juno missing and no indication of their survival apparent at the time, the second expedition was much less focused. Expedition Hermes was established to survey and scout surrounding territories. With House Roux making so many changes to government and infrastructure, resources were in high demand. The expedition, like Juno before it, was comprised of volunteers who would travel routinely in and out of Estoya's borders in search of mineral deposits, sites for potential settlements, fertile soil, as well as strategic locations for forts and guardposts. This led to a rapid but small expansion of national borders as groups were sent out to harvest what was found. Things such as minerals, lumber, precious stones, precious metals like silver and gold, and fields of lush and rare flora were claimed.

All Hands On Deck

Hermes was not a singular organization, but rather a joint effort made by The Minor Nobility who often found they lacked the resources to meet the high demands. Due to their funding Hermes was a overwhelming success. Small groups would venture in all directions seeking what ever could be found.

A Difficult Start

Expedition Hermes is the primary reason future expeditions were able to be funded. After the perceived loss of Expedition Juno, any attempt to fund further expeditions never made it to the The Major Nobility (Noble Houses) for a vote. They were swiftly shut down by most who caught wind of it.

The king at the time, Bertrand Roux, decided to go over their heads and directly communicate with the minor nobility who stood to benefit the most from the expedition he had in mind. The public were directly involved in this particular expedition. Many citizens found themselves within the expedition after a time. It is for this reason that expedition Hermes enjoyed a positive reception. The people connected to it, seeing it as one of the first times that the people and the Monarch actually

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