Brooke is a small town located 20 miles from Yithwitch. The town has a complicated history involving plagues, criminal activity, and dark rituals furthering the schemes of nefarious gods. At present, The Judges of Law and Merit have more or less gained some element of control over the town but Brooke has always been a powder keg waiting to blow at any time. The town initially was under the governance of House Harrow. After their overthrow, House Roux claimed the town as their own. Attempts to pacify the town's criminal activity became a priority. As small as the town is, 5 judges and almost 65 guardsmen were sent to keep law and order, and many would claim it wasn't enough. The criminal underground eventually worked for an uneasy peace with law enforcement, seeking to rid the town of revolutionaries who remained loyal to House Harrow, and routinely prey upon the townsfolk. This was a fairly recent event and the town has been quiet for much of Tammer Roux's rein. The town features many farms and mills. The Aqueduct that feeds Yithwitch and Rouxsgate begins at Brooklyn's pond, a large lake that sits beside the town. Trade is almost nonexistent in Brooke. A few blacksmiths and other craftsmen reside here but they prefer to take their goods to Yithwitch for sale. Several criminal organizations still hold sway including The Doves of Black and White, but few are notable and operate outside of the town. Numerous cults also exist but little is known of them.  


The town started with settlers fleeing the confines of the capital. Desiring a new life and filled with a sense of adventure, The families that resided they're soon learned that the land was cursed in many ways. Several plagues have ravaged the town claiming Thousands of lives. The disappearances of its citizens led the judge's of law to discover several cults that operated there. Their rituals included many forms of debauchery and sacrifice. The judge who alone held the town under his jurisdiction decided to turn to those who had eyes everywhere: the criminal syndicates that decided to settle there. This led the town down a path of crime that it still has yet to divert from. Apart from the lake, most of the land features rolling Plains of farmland granting access to fresh water, lumber, iron mines, silver mines, and food.


The town itself is not nearly as defended as the capital, but the militia and guardsmen as well as having 5 judges in a single town would have many take a second look before attempting a raid or siege. Walls are built around the central area of the town, towers with Archer's are placed at various points and several guard houses have been built both in and outside of those walls. These small fortresses would need a siege themselves to take the town.
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