Mhatua Khasu Tor Bhato

(a.k.a. Needle, Eater of Liars)

From the beginning Emporer Akotan Khandea of Aempis knew Matua Bhato was sadistic. Matua's mentor and predecessor, Nightshade, had warned as much. She assured Akotan that Matua was loyal to Aempis, and would remain as such if allowed to indulge in his madness time and again.   When Nightshade stepped down as the 4th Panel of the Triptych (the war council of Aempis, of which the 4th panel is the secret member tasked with espionage and assassinations) she appointed Matua to fill the role, and just as she had done for herself she gave him a new name to go by: Needle, named for his method of combat. He was ecstatic to fill the role, but blurred Akotan's privacy laws whenever possible until a verbal altercation with the king swayed him into better following the rules.   Entire cells of would-be terrorists would disappear into the night, hardly a word spoken or a tear spilled. A chameleon in body and mind, Needle could infiltrate nearly any social circle with impunity and tear them apart from the inside out.   After Akotan's assassination, Needle's allegiance shifted to the next in line: Clasnithra. Clasnithra did not possess the same sense of mercy as his father, and, in his desire for vengeance, allowed Needle a long leash. This resulted in the public learning about Needle for the first time, and coming to fear him and his inquisitorial squad.   Sniffing out the source of Akotan's assassination led him to finding Lady Brood of the Nchraementho. In her he found his match. He was captured and thrown down the well of viscera from which she took her power. Swimming in the gore he lost himself, and when she fished him out he'd all but forgotten who he was. He was now the Eater of Liars, and by her command, he was to kill Clasnithra Khandea.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As Needle: Russet fur, medium height. Golden irises with orange fade and black flecks. Seemingly only possessing three expressions: dour, contemplative, and madly amused. Extremely unnerving smile with slightly protuberant, too-large fangs. Impeccably clean. Always alert.   As The Eater of Liars: A face obscured by the black, smoggy wisps of Rocksweat smoke which seems to pour endlessly from the stiff, short, upturned collar of his tight-fitting jacket. His teeth are visible even when obscured, like dancing sketches flickering in and out of visibility, like gems catching starlight.   Should the breeze catch the smoke, or should he remove his hood or hat (depending on his wear for the day) fast enough to stir a breeze, you may catch a glimpse of the bare skull lurking beneath. It's coated completely in Rocksweat, but crackles with the energies of meta casting strange colors upon it, as though by multiple lights. His teeth aren't here to be seen, though their sketchy visualizations remain. His head is bound in the manner by which Marianiyan nobility bind the skulls of deceased slaves, to tie them to this world to serve even in death; it is bound in the manner of the house of Brood: silk ropes forming a vertical X crossing where the canines ought to be, and over the top of the head.   The source of his power seems to be the triangular, glowing amethyst hovering over his chest. It glows from within, light turned purple by its hue. The black smoke sweeps from it as though blown by a high wind, pouring into a hole in his chest.   When enraged the smoke ignites with purple flames that jet like sparks but wisp and flow like ink in water.

Special abilities

* Skinshifter [Magic] * Sharpshooter [Skill] * Manipulative [Insanity] * Extremely Tactical [Race] * Obsessive Compulsive [Race] * Proficient with poisons [Skill] * Proficient with torture [Skill] * Master of hand-to-hand combat [Skill] * Can read micromovements to the extent of seeming precognizant. [Skill] * Can read microexpressions to the extent of seeming psychically empathic. [Skill]

Personality Characteristics



In his dreams Matua is a hunter in a world of order, a terror in a city that knows his reputation, but not his face. He is publicly approved of and looked up to, and the people are oblivious to his true nature. He can indulge himself and his whims with impunity. His love for gore and pain has broken into the realm of fetishistic, and as he ages the intensity of his dreams on the matter only become more vivid.  


In his nightmares Matua is prey in a world of chaos, a mouse in a forest that doesn't fear him. His every moment is spent in terror trying to survive and all his skills are impotent before a creeping shadow that lurks ever at the edge of his vision, waiting for him to blink. He is victim to the fantasies he's forced on others, but in a shameful way draws a similar erotic pleasure from it.  

Major Memories

  • Finding a wounded indigent trapped in a crevice in the undercity and prolonging their agony over days
  • Losing his name and becoming Needle


His teeth were big. That was the first thing I noticed about him. The pearly gates were here a cage, and led to hell rather than paradise. You could not help but stare at them as he talked, and the way his lips drew across those bars made you think that was exactly his intent.

Personality Quirks

* Sadist [Race] * Sociopath [Race] * Clean Freak [Race] * Control Freak [Race] * Blood Fetishist [Insanity] * Cannibalistic Tendencies [Insanity] * Patient on the job, but easily bored overall [Race]

Wealth & Financial state

Cloudbomb Canisters [Tech]: Creates a dense fog   Spider Helm [Tech]: Uses cameras to allow 360 degree view around user's head   De'al and De'at [Magic]: The needles of the Malisyk Assassin-King, Eiuka

Honorary & Occupational Titles
The 4th Panel of the Triptych during Akotan Khandea's Reign   The Grand Inquisitor during Clasnithra Khandea's Regime   Eater of Liars while under Brood's Control
Biological Sex


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