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Jhoutigari Wayhall Patrol

A Wayhall Patrol Squad in the helm of their vessel preparing for a breifing on the days patrol route.

The Wayhall Patrol is a subsection of the Jhoutigari whose sole duty is to maintain law, order, and the represent the Pact's authority in the far reaches of The ValuSelu Pact's empire. Specialized groups are sent out in teams of four to patrol their assigned routes which can be anywhere from two weeks to six months in length.

During a patrol, they are expected to report any criminal or scavenging operations, and check to ensure there has been no breach on any of their boundries. Sometimes they are expected to chart paths and ensure safe travel for allied ships in the Wayhall.

Most Wayhall Patrol Squadmembers are chosen based on the skillsets needed to complete a squad of four. The pay is better than base Jhoutigari pay, but the work is grueling and many can't stand the idea of being stuck on a wayship for more than a few days.

Sazashi in Space

Wayhall Patrol Squads consist of four teammembers, each specializing in their own expertise to make the whole unit cohesive. Most squads consist of a pilot, combat, and communications role, The fourth role shifts to adapt for the tour in question. For example: patrols which tend towards Verin/Somnolent space may have a Metaphysical Specialist on board just in case they encounter such threats or situations.

It is not uncommon for patrols to remain together through multiple tours, depending on peer reviews and the governing Marshall's approval. Some patrol teams have ran their routes for decades, especially when the routes are closer to the hub worlds.

The Marshall's Will

Each section of space, planets included, is governed and supervised by a Marshall. As part of their duties, the Marshall can request and manage patrols for their space. These patrols report directly to the Marshall as a way to provide intelligence and situational awareness in their domain.

This also means that any deviation or failure in part of the Patrol is judged by the Marshall.


Jhoutigari Wayhall Patrols are not armed with military equipment in order to avoid being seen as a 'invading' force by other Banners. While these Patrols are trained for combat, they operate defensively first and foremost.

Jhoutigari Patrol Wayships are equipped with a basic set of anti-ship weaponry for engaging threats and to defend itself.

Many Patrols will carry equipment for assisting distressed travelers, such as backup generators, tow lines, and medical kits.

Common Roles

Combat Specialist

One or multiple patrollers will be trained in some form of combat. Melee or ranged.

Communications Specialist

One patroller will be fluent in negotiations and working with people both in and out of the Pact.

Pilot Specialist

Every ship needs a pilot, this role is well-trained in wayship navigation and protocol.


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