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Daring Champion of Yak'koli

Daring Champion is a title given to anyone who has completed the High Dive, the Deep Dive, and gone to the Amber Delve, each of which are considered a talk of great daring. To do all three is to be revered by Yak'koli, and to be honored in the Yak'koli hall of champions within city hall.

Daring Champions are given a mantle to wear to demonstrate to those who see them that they are champions worthy of respect and commendable for their daring. It is a piece of jewelry which tends to garner great respect from the locals to wear, though whivh is hard to atteain except through the intended means: daring.

The challenge began as a challenge between the Bridge Run teams of Yak'kolithon, Yak'kolithar, and the MIner's league. Each held a different symbol of Yak'koli as their symbol -- the oculus, the chandelier, the trident. In order to join their team, you had to make the pilgrimage of their symbol. Now, if someone manages to do all three, even if they are not in sports, they are recognized as a champion of Yak'koli, and are made an hororary Keeper of Yak'koli, complete with all of the benefits that encurs--greater social credit and default rations. It is not enough to change someone's life in terms of income, but it can be a nice additional bonus on top of the social clout that comes with it.

Several dozen Yak'koli have their names engraved into the hall of champions each year, and a handful of visitors. it is not a tradition many outsiders are savvy of, and Tel Yak'koli don't seem keen to change that


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