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Culture of Yak'koli


To be Tel Yak'koli is to be from nowhere, proudly. Everyone knows where it is! You can spot it from space! But only the locals understand how isolated it truly is—and only us historians realize how desolate it once was!

— Yak'koli Head of Archives

To someone from up yak'koliThon, Thon ends where thon light ends. All which thon can see is graciously accepted into thar fold, and thar're cheering on Thar's ongoing contibutions to the everlasting prosperity of Yak'koli.

Anyone who lives more than a few floors below the rim—down yak'koliThar Knows that Thon're wordy blowhards, and could stand to do a lot less talking and a lot more working.

Cover image: Yakkoli Cover by Ademal, via MidJourney


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