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I tended the Garden: work needed done, and I did it.

But while I did as told for labor and learning to track, I was kept from the kitchens where I longed to experiment with the smells and tastes I found there. Worse still, once I discovered there were more flavors out there in the stars, I wanted to savor them all, another wish forbidden to me. Suppose I could've stayed home as I was told, but bitterness is a flavor meant for disruptive dishes, not every meal. I didn't like the taste of it resting on my mind.

My Family would say now that I am neglectful and lazy and that I left home to be a glutton and eat. They're half right. Being without the backing of family I work harder than ever, traveling and tracking as needed to fund even more traveling...and also the eating. SO MUCH eating. Honestly, how could I stay home when there's so much out here to taste? Living beyond the family's assistance and making decisions without the comfortable burden of their decrees after so long isn't easy, especially because I am still of the mindset that when work needs done, I will do it.

I'd almost rather be documenting my tasting adventures and sharing them with every traveler I meet, and I've had a passing fancy to follow famous chefs for their culinary promises, but that kind of thing would prove my family right. It wouldn't feel like work and they've convinced me it would never pay a wage either; it is certainly true that one needs money to travel, purchase food, and to tip the generous creators and presenters of my meals.

Every trial I encounter seems a small price to pay to be able to fully enjoy my edible--and non-edible--discoveries along the way. And so I travel, work, and I live free.

— Caffann

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

  • Nothing is going to get done if everyone sits around.
  • If life is dull you're not using enough spices.
  • Never demand a freebie; there's always a cost.

A Sauthei Verin with a taste for all the things.

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