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Amberge Sula Rutas Flatworms

The amberge flatworms live in the honeylike resin expelled by amberge coral. In the resin they find everything they need. They can sense even other creatures through the resin itself. The crystal globules are like eyes, ears, and brains for the amberge flatworms.

These flatworms have the uncanny ability to survive in the honeylike resin expelled by amberge coral. The amberge flatworms swim through their sappy amber world, digesting the very coral which is sheltering them.This digestion is a crucial part of the formation of healthy Amberchrys.

Few amberge flatworms have eyes and only enough room inside their chitinous pods to hold their hearts, brains, and reproductive organs. The rest of their organs are forced to stretch through their bodies and wrap around their mouths.


The amberge flatworms look like they're made of living amber. While moving, some appear to be liquid, glowing, streaming over the coral. They smell like the resin they live in, sweet and sticky, but with a hint of vomit. The bottom of the liquid world, where they live, is filled with twinkling amber-like gems.

While one may be a beautiful shimmering green, another is a dark charcoal black, dark as death itself. It is this darkness that creates the horror, the feral grotesqueness in their appearance.

Rutas Olu - Spiderpod
Amberge Spiderpod by Ademal via Midjourney


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