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Rothriuea is the largest city within the kelp forests. It is made almost entirely out of sandstone, with its many buildings spreading out over a wide area. In its centre is the bell tower, the tallest building in the city, its base a gathering place for the communities living there.
The city is surrounded by miles of kelp on all sides, in almost the centre of everything. It facilitates trade between the other cities of the kelp forest, as well as providing rest to travellers, and places to eat and sleep.
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There are four districts of Rothriuea, forming a spiral-like shape originating from the bell tower in its centre. The district immediately surrounding the tower is known as the Bell District, and is home to many tourist attractions, sightseeing locations, and historical buildings. It is also known as the "old city" by the people living in Rothriuea, as well as the "city proper".
Forming a c-shape around the centre discrict is the Market District, which, as its name suggests, is home to the city's trade and marketplaces. It contains a number of city squares where people can gather, and has a dedicated Market Street for vendors to set up their booths.
The next district, surrounding the remaining area of the old city as well as a decent portion of the Market District, is the city's Education District. It is home to Rothriuea University, as well a great many trade schools, academies, and other educational buildings. The district has apartment-style housing, with many single-person residency units typically placed in circle-shaped buildings with courtyards in the centre. These shapes ensure that each apartment unit has at least one window outside.
The final district encircles the entirety of the rest of the city, and is simply known as the suburbs. It houses the majority of the city's population, and is ever-expanding. There are a few family-owned shops, restaurants, and stores in this area, though most of the district is housing. This is the largest district, and remains ever-expanding.

Other Locations

In addition to its university, market street, and bell tower, the city of Rothriuea has a great many notable buildings and locations. A popular inn and bar for those living within the city is known as The Drowning Bird, whose menu specialises in toxic and spicy kuuyik delicacies. Glass Square is a city square with glass tiles covering the ground, where couples will come to engrave their initials in the glass as a decoration of love. The most popular flower boutique in the area is known as Blooming Waters, a shop that trades for and collects flowers from the many other regions of Etharai.


The residents of Rothriuea will trade handcrafted goods with each other, often made from kelp or sandstone. When trading with those not native to the settlement, it is typically the raw materials that are preferred. The city will exchange kelp and sandstone for surface goods, technologies from other underwater biomes, and hard-to-obtain materials from far-off lands.


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