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Mycelium Forests

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The mycelium forests are a biome filled with overgrown (as well as plenty of normal-sized) mushrooms. They are home to two main sapient species, who each absolutely despise one another. The atramentarians are taller and thinner folk with black, inky blood, and the muscarians are smaller and stouter folk known for their larger heads.


The mycelium forests are mostly flat, with some hills and rivers flowing through the otherwise level land. However, visitors to this land would not be aware of this flatness, instead seeing the layers and layers of lichens and shrooms growing on the forest floors. While many are solid and sturdy enough to stand on, others are not as much - leading to many a startling fall through around 4-5 feet of mushrooms.


Much of the ground in the mycelium forests are coated in different types of mushrooms. The grass lichen is one of the more common, though other species such as the crawling lichen and the spiral lichen are also not uncommon. Sprouting between these lichens are smaller shrooms such as the mycelium tallshroom, the brushroom, and the wiggling grasshroom. Rising up to form the "trees" of the region are species such as the towering bluecap, the redstipe, and the somewhat unsettling fleshroom. There are also shrub-like shrooms growing in the region, such as the applenut bushroom, and the basket bushroom.
Creatures including the friendly feline chat-erelle and the less friendly puffpanthers and funguars.

Localized Phenomena

The mycelium forests are constantly humid, though rain does not come as often as it seems like it should. When it does rain, the rain in incredibly intense, and the creatures living in the forests will seek shelter under the safety of the mushrooms surrounding them.
Inhabiting Species

A Generational Dispute: The Atramentarians and the Muscarians

The two species co-habitating the mycelium forests haven't gotten along for as far back as anyone in their communities can remember. The trouble is, no one can remember why exactly they don't like each other. They both know that they absolutely despise the other group, but whenever they are asked for the reasoning or origins behind this, the most they'll give is a shrug and a handwave.

These arguments play out in a somewhat amusing manner to outsiders. The way that each of these species expresses anger or discontent is through direct eye contact - meaning diagreements between them often come to staring contests. Furthermore, since neither species has eyelids nor the need to blink, these contests can last for days at a time, with multiple members of each community joining in. These arguments can typically only be broken up through environmental phenomena if they get to this stage, such as the heavy rainfall that the biome is known for.


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