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One of two sapient species inhabiting the mycelium forests, the atramentarians are culturally opposed to the muscarians with whom they share a home. They believe in the individual as sacred, and the self as the most important thing to any given person. A rare view among Etharai's people, the atramentarians believe that a person is defined by their own accomplishments and actions, completely separate from their society. This does not mean that atramentarians cannot work together, however, and in fact they often do. However, they believe that before reaching out to others, one first must focus on the self. The betterment of one's own mind is essential before aiding or asking for aid from others, as otherwise they become a burden.


Atramentarians are tall and lanky, with stick-like limbs and inky, viscous liquid pouring from their skin. They stain everything they touch a dark, purplish black colour. Atop their heads are dropping caps, dripping this same ink. They have flaky skin, and constantly shed bits of it as new skin grows beneath it. The species is blind, though capable of connecting with the systems of nearby fungus to "sense" the world around them. While this does not serve as a replacement for sight, it does give them more environmental awareness than they would otherwise have.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

The atramentarians' individualistic beliefs do mean that they are less technologically advanced than most other societies in Etharai. While an atramentarian is capable of building upon the discoveries of others, this depends on someone sharing their own advancements, and others putting aside their pride to use them. This does not happen as often as it would in other societies, so it is often the case that multiple different atramentarians are working separately to solve the same problem.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Atramentarians raise one child in their lifetimes. This child is dependent on them in its early years, but as soon as they are able to, they undergo a coming-of-age ritual in which they become independent from their parent(s).
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40-55 years
Average Height
6-7 feet
Geographic Distribution


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