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Applenut Bushroom

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The applenut bushroom is a mushroom that grows small, round growths below its cap. It grows in the mycelium forests, spreading in fan shapes from the base of taller mushrooms, feeding off of the ground-based fungus of the region such as the grass lichen or spiral lichen.
Parts of this bushroom can be enjoyed in both atramentarian and muscarian cuisine.

Basic Information


Applenut bushrooms grow off of the stipes of larger mushrooms. The cap of the bushroom is bright red, on top, and underneath it has a more beige underside. On this side of the mushroom, lump-like growths form below it that contain spores for the mushroom and can be removed without harming the rest of the mushroom.
The word "applenut" is somewhat misleading as to the nature and biology of this species. The lumps of clustered-together spores that the plant grows are not nuts in any sense of the word, nor do they taste like other nuts (or apples, for that matter), when eaten. Uncooked applenut "seeds" don't look remotely like apples or nuts, either.

Genetics and Reproduction

The applenut bushroom spreads its spores by relying on animals passing by to brush against the "seeds" of the bushroom, causing them to puff and fall apart, releasing spores onto the animal's body. The animal then moves, carrying the spores with them until the spores find a suitable place to grow.
However, these "seeds" can be carefully harvested without releasing the spores inside. When they are cooked, the outside of the seeds become hard, and they gain a bright red colour to them. This is the source of the term "applenut" in relation to this bushroom.


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