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Greatroot Tree

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The greatroot tree is a large species of tree whose roots hold together islands and whose Auras carry messages to those mindful enough to hear them. Native to the dewdrop peaks, the greatroot tree has become a symbol of long-lasting love with strong foundations, as one of the only things in the dewdrop peaks with any sort of longevity. The trees can live for hundreds to even possibly thousands of years, earning their name of "greatroot".


Greatroot trees are notable for their beige bark with red and brown specks, and its white leaves. The bark can be used to make a maroon dye, while the leaves can be used to make a greenish-white dye. The tree does flower, during spring and fall, when the temperatures in the peaks are neither too hot nor too cold. These flowers are a soft blue colour, and their petals can be used to make a similarly-coloured dye. The plant's flowers also serve as its seeds, and detach from the plant when faced with strong winds. The flower then drifts through the air until it finds an inland to take root, and then begins growing.

Uses & Byproducts

Taking from a live greatroot tree is considered heavily tabboo in the dewdrop peaks, due to its importance to the angels. If a tree dies for other reasons, it is acceptable to use its bark, leaves, and any flowers it may have for dyes, these dyes incredibly rare due to the circumstances required to obtain them. On the occasion that a greatroot tree does die on its own, its wood is often used for wood-carving - in angel culture, a marriage ceremony is completed when the people getting married carve their names into a piece of greatroot wood.
Geographic Distribution


The folklore of the angels has a story describing the creation of the first greatroot. As the story goes, there were two angels that were deeply in love. These angels were unlike most, and did not care about exploration and travel, only wanting to share one another's company. But the strong winds of the heavens threatened to force them apart, and so the two entwined into one, taking root as a tree.

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