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Dewdrop Warbler

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The dewdrop warbler is a tiny bird native to the dewdrop peaks. It is the smallest bird on the planet, and one of Etharai's smallest animals, smaller than even some insects. They are songbirds, their songs a series of rhythmic chirps that also serve as a way to communicate with one another. These high-pitched songs could be compared to tones of a whistle, though sound a bit more vocalised.
Due to their small size, dewdrop warblers are often not noticed, leading to accidents that pose a danger to the species. Thankfully, this bird is fairly observant and quick to react, able to flutter away should an unwitting visitor almost step on them.


Dewdrop warblers are incredibly tiny birds, only reaching heights of 3 centimetres in adulthood. Female dewdrop warblers are slightly larger than males on average, but not to a degree where this is a distinguishing factor. However, males tend to display brighter coloured feathers than their female counterparts. Dewdrop warblers have blue feathers on most of their body, the exception being the incredibly common white chest feathers and black facial feathers - distinct on almost every member of the species. Dewdrop warblers are generally rounder in shape, with coal-black skin, beak, and eyes.


Dewdrop warblers are a social species, living together in large communities. They make their nests in the branches of bubbletrees, which provide them water. The nests themselves are often large enough to house 7+ of the birds, who will form groups that maintain the nest together. The birds eat cloud worms as their main form of sustenance, bringing back the comparatively large meals to share with their friends. They are able to communicate presence, danger, threat, and other basic ideas to one another via their singing. Good-sounding mating calls are one of the most important factors to dewdrop warblers when finding a mate.
Dewdrop Warbler by notahumanhand
Average Height
2-3 cm.
Geographic Distribution

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