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Dancing Kelp

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Dancing kelp is one of the three primary species of kelp that can be found in the kelp forests. Visually indistinguishable from the much more dangerous carnivorous kelp, this benign organism provides cover and shelter for small animals living in the region, such as the blue rockfish. It also provides a hiding place among hunting grounds for predators, like the weaver eel or the sand eel.


The dancing kelp is a shorter species of kelp, branching outwards instead of growing upwards. It can form dense clusters of leaves and strands, creating a layer of foliage near the base of the biome. It has small leaves scattered across the plant's entire surface area, capable of photosynthesis which provides nutrients to the species. These leaves dance with the slightest flow of water, spinning around whatever parts of the plant they happen to be connected to. This is where the species gets its name, and also allows it to be used decoratively in underwater dwellings. It is a popular house plant among the kelpen kuuyik for this reason.

Symbiotic Species

While this kelp provides a home for much of its home biome's wildlife, it also hides within it dangers to that very wildlife. The carnivorous kelp, near identical and indistinguishable from its harmless counterparts, latch onto the plant and eat whatever prey it can trick into its grasp. Sometimes, carnivorous kelp can overtake its host entirely, leaving only the base of the original dancing kelp intact.
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