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Carnivorous Kelp

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Carnivorous kelp is a carnivorous plant species native to the kelp forests. It hides among the other kelps of the region, waiting for hungry fish to come to it before ensnaring its prey in its leaves. The kelp can be eaten, and has a slight bitter and salty taste to it.


Carnivorous kelp looks nearly identical to dancing kelp, a species of reddish brown kelp that grows with many stems and branches. Because of the number of different branches on the dancing kelp, the much smaller carnivorous kelp is able to hide within its leaves, disguising itself as a part of the larger plant. Its leaves are sentitive to touch, and upon an animal attempting to eat its leaves, the branch will begin to curl inwards, the other leaves wrapping around the ensnared creature as the plant begins to release digestive acids.

Dietary Needs & Habits

Carnivorous kelp feeds on small fish native to the kelp forests. Disguising itself as food for its prey, the kelp lures in small creatures, catching them within its leaves and trapping them as it starts to digest its food. The kelp remains stationary, and does not expend that much energy, so does not need that much food to sustain itself.


Carnivorous kelp has a nice reddish-brown pigment that can be extracted and used to make kelpdye, which is used to colour the clothing of kelpen kuuyikar living in the forests. The plant is also eaten by these kuuyik, in dishes such as sand soup - though the toxins of the plant make it inedible to other species.
Geographic Distribution
Dancing Kelp by notahumanhand


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