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Rough but noble fighter who is always ready to protect those in need. His axe will cut down anyone who dares to threaten the innocent.
  Tyr was born in the ruins of Nossis after the War of the Elements in order to find his true self. He learned early on that he had to rely on himself for strength and when he joined the Anatim legion, it was to keep his home safe, not the Empire at large. His competence in combat allowed him to rise in rank while his sometimes brutal methods kept him from being liked by his superiors.   His conflict with superiors came to a point after Athena took over as commander of the rebuilt Nossis outpost. She demanded absolute anherence to protocol, while Tyr rushed into any situation he felt he could help others stay safe. After a mission that had gone terribly awry, Athena had him dishonourably discherged and Tyr left in anger.   For years, Tyr wandered Lemuria, helping where he could and otherwise keeping to himself. When the The Embershard vracked, Tyr realized that his strength is needed again. There are new dangers around on top of the old ones and he intends to be the shield between them and the people struggling to survive.  


Tall and strong, Tyr is covered in scars from previous fights. He might bear the marks of a harsh life, but he carries it well and has an air of unyielding nobility about him. He wears a tattered parts of his old uniform along with armor he has made from pelts and leather. Tyr also carries a massive, enchanted, axe. It is covered in jagged runes that call on the elemental magic of his home. With it, he can call forth a bolt of lightning from the sky, or slam it into the ground to make the earth crack and push upwards.  


There are three types of people: those who need protection, those who provide it, and those who others need protecting from. Tyr knows that he's one of the protectors and he will quickly decide which category others fit in. While this worldview is a bit simplistic, it does allow him to remain resolute at all times.   Some might mistake Tyrs very straight-forward thinking for lack of intelligence, but that's not entierly true. He doesn't have th4e patience for book learning and he doesn't see the point in making matters more complicated than they are. He would rather conclude that he might have been wrong about someone than deal with the consequences of a deep dive into moral philosophy.

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Tyr grew up on Lemuria and joining the Anatim was a natural choice for the the headstrong defender. What didn't come natural was following orders. Despite being successful, he never rose very high in rank because of this.   When Athena arrived in Nossis to take care of the outpost, she demanded absolute loyalty to the Empire from her subordinates. Tyr refused to back down from his own sense of duty towards the island instead of trusting in the organisation. After several strong arguments about orders, Athena gave Tyr an dishourable discharge.   Since the shift of Lemuria, the two share a lot of similar goals and see the need to cooperate, but there is still bad blood.

Anatim Empire
by Johan Winq
Nossis, Anatim Empire
Golden brown
Blond with a hint of red, ruffled and unkempt; and with a thick beard in braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
205 cm
Aligned Organization

Character Portrait image: by Murat
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