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United Countries of Oz

The United Countries was the first governing body of Oz. It was founded during the First Age and supplanted by The Ninth Empire of Oz during the Second.


Founded by halfling refugees brought to Eden during The Calamity, The United Countries were an attempt at replicating the democracy of The United Nations of Polynesia—a thriving Earthling government during the Earth-665 iteration of reality.


And it was a very successful attempt indeed, until Oscar Diggs’ lies led to The Invasion of Oz during the Second Age.


The federal government of the United Countries was comprised of three distinct branches—legislative, executive, and judicial—whose powers were defined by the Constitution of the United Countries.



The legislative branch of the United Countries was bicameral. Seats in the First Chamber were apportioned by population every ten years, using results of a nation-wide Ozite census. Seats in the Second Chamber were limited to 10 per country, with the Emerald City granted a single seat of its own to help break tie votes.


Representatives to each chamber were elected to two-year terms every two years, with lifetime term limits set at five per individual.



The President of the United Countries was elected by popular vote every two years, alongside the representatives of the legislature. As with the legislative representatives, the President was limited to five terms within their lifetime (either consecutive or non-consecutive).



The Supreme Tribunal of Oz consisted of seven judges appointed by the President, confirmed by the legislature, and reaffirmed by both the President and the legislature every two years.


The United Countries controlled the four nations of Oz: Gillikin Country, Munchkinland, Quadling Country, and Winkie Country.


The nation’s territory stretched from the edge of The Desert at the Edge of Existence in the west to the Chelmer and Yonder rivers in the east, from the Gillikin Badlands in the north to Buckle’s Bayou in the south.

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