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United Nations of Polynesia

The United Nations of Polynesia were one of the four main players on the international stage of the Earth-665 iteration of reality. Together with the Atlantean Confederation, the Turtle Island Alliance, and the Bekiskapan empire of Meskera, the United Nations of Polynesia helped to keep the peace on a much more violent version of Earth than the one we inhabit in The Real World.


With dinosaurs still roaming about and with giant-sized versions of other species evolving to compete with those thunder lizards, the halflings and human beings who called this version of Earth home found maintaining order a rather difficult task. And yet they never gave up, not until a universe-ending Calamity wiped them out and swept the survivors onto the beaches of the purgatorial paradise known as Eden.


The United Nations of Polynesia controlled all of the island nations within the so-called Polynesian Triangle—the Hawai‘ian archipelago in the north, Aotearoa in the southwest, Rapa Nui in the southeast, and Tahiti and Samoa in the center. They also controlled the islands of Fiji, which are not typically considered part of the aforementioned Triangle (at least not in The Real World).


In deals struck individually with the Turtle Island Alliance (located on what many Real Worlders call North America) and Meskera (which dominated the human-habitable parts of what we know as the Afro-Eurasian landmass), the halfling peoples of the United Nations of Polynesia were given full dominion over the Pacific Ocean. This was agreed to in exchange for the Polynesians promising they would not invade the coastal settlements of their neighbors on either side of that great sea.

777 BCE - 1715 CE

Geopolitical, Republic
Successor Organization
Government System
Democracy, Presidential
Economic System
Market economy
Official Languages
Related Species
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