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The One About the Lost Triad


“The One About the Lost Triad” is a popular legend about an unusual Bekiskapan Triad which survived the expulsion of those people from Eden at the end of the First Age—and which protects both Nunyans and Reekians from the dangers of the Vale of Thunder to this day.


Comprised of a man, a woman, and their dire wolf, the so-called Lost Triad are amongst the world’s most beloved folk heroes. A long-running comic book, published out of the Nunyan city of Kirbyville, has only further cemented their status.


In fact, the Lost Triad is so popular that if they weren’t real before they've been made real now, by the collective will of the masses, as amici imaginarium.


Near the end of the First Age, as The Seven Voices prepared to sing a new iteration of reality into existence, two Bekiskapan Triads—one male and one female—fought to keep a pack of Dakotaraptors from escaping the Vale of Thunder and terrorizing the Nunyan village of East Dumbstruck.


Though they fought bravely, two thirds of each trio fell before the threat of the raptor pack was eliminated. The wounded survivors—a man, a woman, and a dire wolf—raced to East Dumbstruck for medical attention. There, tended to by the grateful people of the village, the man and the woman received blood transfusions from halflings. And because they had halfling blood flowing through their veins when the Seven Voices sang all but the halflings out of Eden and out into the new universe beyond, the man and the woman stayed behind with their big-ass dog.


Though they were lonely at first, and sad to be apart from the rest of their people, they soon learned that the conditions required for Bekiskapan culture to develop did not exist in the new universe which had just been created. And that made them the last two Bekiskapan in existence.


Then they were really sad.


But eventually, as all good Bekiskapan did, they picked themselves up and got back to work. Together with their dog, they made it their mission to work with the halflings to keep the dinosaurs of the world safely within the confines of the Vale of Thunder. And yet, once the more scientifically-minded Winkies decided to clone and domesticate Triceratops to serve as mounts for security forces patrolling the Vale, the Lost Triad disappeared. The taming of the trikes was too much for the Lost Triad. It was unnatural. And so, they disappeared into the Vale to help keep safe the world in their own way.

In Literature


In the comic book series The Lost Triad, emphasis is placed on the “will they or won’t they?” dynamic between the two human characters—Kutam and Larera—with the dog, Tamada, acting as the often annoyed and sometimes bewildered sidekick.


The amici imaginarium versions of Kutam, Larera, and Tamada who roam the world today play out this drama whenever they appear publicly, most often as part of team-ups with Kirbyville’s Vengeance Society. Sometimes they are romantically involved, and sometimes they’re decidedly not. And somehow people never get sick of it.


Some people, that is.

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Dec 19, 2022 01:33 by Chris L

Nice soapy feel on this one! They sound like fun protagonists for a story.

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Dec 19, 2022 11:53 by E. Christopher Clark

Thank you! Yeah, I was thinking about this article yesterday morning and I had nothing for it except the title "The Real Lost World." Then I thought of these two, who had first appeared in the sidebar thingie I made for the last challenge article and who I liked too much to just have been total randos in a couple pieces of art. Then the story spilled out from there.

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Dec 20, 2022 18:11

Sounds fun! Definitely I would like to read more about their adventures!

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Noted! I will definitely be writing about them more, now that both you and Kit have said you'd like to read more.

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