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Them Bones

Welcome to the landing page for Summer camp 2023! Once again, i will be using the prompts to tell a cohesive story, and this time in two different worlds. Dread romantic is a world I have big plans for, and it's high time it gets some articles written.   We begin with the trial of one October Wyatt. (Her friends call her Toby) Mortician by day, necromancer by night, she gets herself into a bit of trouble when the ghost of her latest project comes back to file suit in one of the last functioning courthouses in post-apocalyptic america. Buckle up guys... this is gonna get weird.   If you want to check out the other world, a link is down below, along with a little teaser.

Generic article | Jul 1, 2023

-Reading Order-

Toby brushed her jet black hair behind her ear and leaned back against the windshield of a long abandoned pickup. She saw it clearly despite the multicolored sky. She pointed and shouted with glee, "look! Shooting star." She turned to Olive and the smile faded to a frown.   Olive didn't even bother to look up from her notes. Bleach blonde hair draped over her face, damp with sweat from the southern heat. When silence replaced Toby's jarring joy, Olive looked up with her eyes narrowed. "What happened?"   Toby watched the meandering corpses, her creations. They stumbled and fell as they explored the graveyard. To them, it may as well be the entire world.   "Shooting star? Is that what you said?" Olive asked. There was an urgency in her voice, as if Toby's sadness was some instability in the very fabric of reality in need of repair.   "Yeah." Toby nodded and her eyes fell to the ground. "You missed it."   "That's fine." Olive closed the notebook and let out a lung full of air. "It wouldn't work if I could see them anyway."   Toby shook her head and a nervous smile appeared as she spoke, "Why?"   "Magic is illogical. Sometimes it has a cost, sometimes not." Olive reached for the ground, grabbed her tumbler of water, and drank it dry.
Olive continued, "I can learn the ins and outs of magic in a way no one else can, but those little moments of wonder? Gone. Those moments when everything in life goes exactly the way you want it? Gone." She paused and gave a shrug. "No last minute rescues, no weird coincidences either." Olive smiled. "Those little moments of magic are all gone. I have to make my own magic now."   Toby saw the worry on Olive's face. To think that this ghost, if it even was a ghost, would lie to get its body back. What does it really want? What keeps this spirit going?   Olive watched the only corpse that mattered: his. The corpse that got them into this mess. What was so special about it? She cleared her throat. "Tomorrow is the last day of the trial. If you have anything else to bring up, now's the time."   Toby spoke in rapid bursts. Her words were so honest it was a wonder she managed to survive the end of the world in the first place. "I only reanimated the body. I swear I didn't kill him."   "I know you didn't." Olive rubbed her temples and crossed her arms. It was hard to imagine Toby even swatting a fly. Olive pondered the last few days, the discoveries made, the implications of it all and what might happen if they fail. Olive shook her head. "Fuck."   "I couldn't imagine a life without spontaneous wonder." Toby began. When their eyes met, she gave an infectious smile. "I'll make sure this wish is for you."   Olive laughed. "Thanks, Toby. We could all use a wish right about now."


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