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Norton Street Bloodbath

Since the construction of the Catharsis Wall, all activities in The Center were controlled by powerful crime lords and their gangs. Organizations called the Syndicates were formed by those smart enough to see that strength lied in numbers, whereas some old-school outlaws still ran things as they always had. Skalls was one of them.
  She ran the Fleisch district, the easternmost part of the Center and the most notorious. She was a sadist who ruled by fear, but having established some kind of order in the Fleisch, the common people considered her a necessary evil. As her gang member numbers and influence kept growing, she sought to expand to the western districts, and that was the beginning of her undoing. Most of the Syndicates saw her as an immediate threat, and so the three most powerful, Apollo, Balder and Grian, conspired to turn all the upcoming crime lords against Skalls. Of course, they took no part in the brawl, leaving the small fish to eat each other, waiting to finish off whoever remained standing. On July 20th, 76 years after The Lapse, Skalls and her gang were led into a trap, thinking they would confront the Dust Wolves gang in an arranged traditional brawl.   Instead, they faced the combined forces of 27 smaller and bigger gangs on the infamous Norton Street. In the bloodbath that followed, no member of Skalls’ gang was spared, although she managed to escape. It is rumored she fled to the Sunlands, but no one has seen her since. After the Norton Street Bloodbath, the Syndicates moved in order to gain control of the entire Center, and forced everyone to work under them.   The Dust Wolves became responsible for running the Fleisch District, under the watchful eye of the Apollo Syndicate.


76 AL


Fliesch District / Neu Bonn




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