Newport City by Night

In this article, I lay out the basic structure of the Vampire Domain of Newport City. For this I use the excellent Storyteller's Guide for V5 by Ro Amadeu and Damnation City, published by Onyx Path Publishing.

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Newport has been a vampire domain since 2010, mainly under the control of Clan Ventrue and Clan Brujah. The Ventrue settled in the city when the corporations came and the Brujah are closely linked to the Men's Right Comitee and organised crime.

The Clan Giovanni, which is closely linked to the Italian Mafia, and the Followers of Set, who are very active in the drug trade, form the biggest opposition within the domain. Above all, the Giovanni are trying to extend their influence to the banks and corporations within the domain - but so far in vain.

Other clans may maintain a presence in the city and even be given a position in the Primogen Council, but they are considered either supporters of the ruling clans or opponents. Among the supporters of the ruling prince are mainly Clan Toreador, Clan Daeva, Clan Tremere, and Clan Lasombra.

Among the greatest opponents are Clan Assamite, Clan Ravnos, and Clan Mekhet. Other clans, such as Clan Nosferatu, are outwardly neutral or have only a minor presence.

Due to the ruling prince, the Invictus are the major covenant of the city. Other covenants do have a following within the city, except the Circle of the Crone, which is banned from the domain by law.

Unique Trait

The politics of the vampires within the city are closely linked to the politics of the mortals. Due to its close ties with the Feminist League, the Circle of the Crone is banned from the city and any cooperation with them is punishable. For this reason, it is the law in the city to announce one's affiliation to a covenant at the time of introduction. A law that does not sit well with everyone.

Kindred Population

The supernatural creatures in the city make up 0.04% of the mortal population. 25% of these supernatural beings are vampires, which makes around 350 vampires within the city. The ratio of vampires to mortals is thus 1:10,000, which is relatively normal in Calyria.

Domain Hierarchy

  • PRINCE: Collin Murray - 11th Generation - Clan Ventrue
  • SENESCHAL: Tamara Pierce - 12th Generation - Clan Lasombra
  • HERALD: Yvette Simons - 10th Generation - Clan Daeva
  • SHERIFF: Nathaniel Blake - 8th Generation - Clan Gangrel
  • WHIP: Brandon Curtis - 10th Generation - Clan Mekhet
  • HARPY: Marissa Rose - 13th Generation - Clan Toreador
  • KEEPER: Patricia Taylor - 13th Generation - Clan Ventrue
  • SCOURGE: Loren Baine - 12th Generation - Clan Nosferatu

Council of Primogen

  1. CLAN ASSAMITE: Layla Ra'byn
  2. CLAN BRUJAH: Faith Crowe
  3. CLAN DAEVA: Victor Lovelace
  4. CLAN GANGREL: Jasper Cross
  5. CLAN GIOVANNI: Bernardo Giovanni
  6. CLAN LASOMBRA: Leonardo Constantine
  7. CLAN MALKAVIAN: Marius Wolff
  8. CLAN MEKHET: Darius Delacroix
  9. CLAN NOSFERATU: Joseph Morelli
  10. CLAN RAVNOS: Tessa Geiger
  11. FOLLOWERS OF SET: Abel Riddle
  12. CLAN TOREADOR: Ivan Christian
  13. CLAN TREMERE: Julian Lessard
  14. CLAN TZIMISCE: Nicholai Thorn
  15. CLAN VENTRUE: Elisabeth von Stein


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