Collin Murray

Prince Collin Timothy Murray

Collin Murray is an 11th Generation Ventrue, who has been embraced in 1927. Since 2015 he is the Prince of Newport City. Since 1950 he belongs to the covenant of the Invictus.

Although he is not the oldest member of his clan within the city, he was elected Prince of the city by the Primogen Council with a clear majority. The reasons for this lie above all in his diplomatic talent, as well as in his willingness to make and enforce even unpleasant decisions.

With his appointment as prince, he passed the law that to this day bans the Circle of the Crone from the city and makes any cooperation with them a punishable offence. To reinforce this law, he appointed the declared enemy of the Circle, Loren Baine, as Scourge.

Motivation & Goals

Like many other vampires who have experienced the rise of feminism, Collin is also campaigning for restrictions on the increasingly extreme anti-male laws. He uses his political influence within the domain and also in the Newport Transport corporation.

It is thanks to his influence and that of his many puppets and allies that Newport City is now considered a city where men can live relatively safely, even though there are always attacks directed against the local politicians and company employees. These attacks are mostly feminist motivated and often come from the Circle of the Crone and the Feminist League.

Bloodline & Heritage

Collin comes from the bloodline of Antonius. His sire is Isobel Dougal, he is currently preparing his protege, Katharina Rider for the Embrace. Katharina is the Chief of Finance for Newport Transport and has been his Trusted since 2040.

Current Location
Year of Birth
1890 CE 180 Years old
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