So, what made you want to be a teacher?
Vex to Turtle
The profession of teaching in the pocket world of Breck's Haven is relatively undervalued. The only high paying teaching jobs are at Breck's Academy of Magic. That is why most people who want to teach get a non-magical education and move to the outer world to become teachers at schools in any of the countries on Earth.  
...I just ended up a teacher.
Turtle to Vex


To become a teacher at Breck's academy of Magic or any of the other 5 magical schools in Breck's Haven students first have to finish the 4 first years of General Education at any of these schools. They may have to finish 4 years of Battle Education depending on what subjects they want to teach.   After studying magic students need to spend 4 years studying Education at Breck's academy of Magic, Hartbridge's Academy of Magic or Warchester's Academy of Magic to become a teacher. could 4 years just happen?
Vex to Turtle


A new teacher generally only has the responsibility of taking the best care they can of their class. They also have help from teacher aids, these are usually teachers or professors in training but there are other kinds of teacher aids as well.   A new teacher becomes a seasoned teacher after a couple of years. As a seasoned teacher they may try to apply to become a deputy Head-of-the-year teacher. These teachers are deputies to the Heads of the years within their Guilds. After having worked as a deputy, the teacher may apply to become a Head-of-the-year themselves.   After working as a Head-of-the-year it is possible to apply to become a Head deputy, which is the deputy to the Head Teacher. Which leads all the teachers and is the president of the Teacher's Organization.  


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