Like they say...knowledge is power...
— Turtle
Ristian "Turtle" Rathbone is a native person of Breck's Haven. He is the only child of rich and powerful parents. They expected him to follow in their footsteps. Instead he became a Mage and later after physical and mental injuries on the job he became a teacher at Breckskeep.  
...but I don't believe that it necessarily corrupts. I think it depends a lot on how that knowledge and power is achieved.
— Turtle

Early life

Turtle was born to a high ranking politician in The Court and a high ranking Warden. His parents didn't have much time for him other than to berate him and use him as a shield when they argued with each other, so he spent most of his early years with books. His father did do miniature building with him when he was really young. Before his parents started having problems and he still remember those times with fondness.   As a 10-year-old he got verbally abused by a group of boys at the primary school in his area. This did not bother him much, as the verbal abuse he got from his parents at home did not compare. Though, when he saw that the same group was bullying another boy at school he took the boy under his wing and told the bullies to stop. He saw to it that they did. That group never bullied anyone at the school again.
...and what kind of power it is.
— Turtle

Current life

At 29 years old Turtle retired from being a Mage after a serious injury on the job, during an event called the The Frostvine attack. He spent 2 years unemployed while doing physical therapy and studying for a teacher's licence.   At 31 he started working as a Teacher of Spell crafting and Breckian at Breck's academy of Magic together with his best friend Ness and Ness' girlfiend Mai.   Turtle has worked as a teacher for a year and a half. He is already popular among parts of the student body and he is well-liked among most of the other teachers and professors.
...and many people who achieve power were corrupt to begin with.
— Turtle
The Skull
General and Battle education at Breck's academy of Magic
Current occupation
Teacher at Breck's academy of Magic
Fluent in languages
Advanced Breckian, Japanese and English.

Magical talents

Turtle managed to create Dolls before he even entered a magical academy because he read and studied a lot as a small child. Many called him, and still do, a natural talent. It annoys him because it dimishes the work he has put into studying magic.   He is currently the one who holds the record of most dolls kept active at the same time.
...I think you either want power to be able to help others or to reach your own goals.
— Turtle
Sexual orientation
Asexual, sex neutral.
Romantic orientation
Love language
Quality time
Romantic relationships
He has never dated anyone, he's had a onesided secret crush for almost 20 years.
Appears in
One of the main characters in the series of Breckskeep.
Breckian. Ancestors: Asian(Japan, Kansai) and European (UK).
General appearance
He is thin and very pale. People say that he looks weak but well put together in the fancy suits he likes to wear.
...and sometimes...well...not having enough power can teach a person to step on others to gather more power.
— Turtle


Theme music
Youtube playlist
Reading, collecting books, collecting tea, drinking tea, beekeeping, wood carving, building miniature models, knitting...
Books, turtles, bees, tea, biscuits, scarves, hats, suits, and miniatures.
Double binds, being sick...
Ness, Mai, Agatha and several others.
Raulen Rathbone(Father) and Amanta Rathbone (Mother).
Brutus the turtle, and around 400k bees.
Most important possession
His Grimoire.


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